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Dry cargo丨Export to Brazil sea freight knowledge (super detailed) 2CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-08
Dry cargo丨Export to Brazil sea transportation knowledge (super detailed) 2: 2018-08-30 14:54:00 with container 1. Apply for the port of destination exemption period before shipment. Brazil customs clearance time is generally longer, and the shipowner is in Brazil Demurrage at the port is very expensive. Therefore, in order to avoid the high cost of demurrage at the port of destination, it is necessary to apply to the shipping company for the port of destination exemption period in advance before shipment. Generally, the exemption period is 21-30 days. 2. Use NOR boxes (cold-to-dry containers) with caution. Some shipping companies will provide NOR boxes (cold-to-dry containers) services. Although NOR boxes are relatively cheap in terms of sea freight, the free period of freezer containers at the port of destination will be longer. Ordinary containers are much shorter, and shipping companies generally do not accept applications for the free period of refrigerated containers. In addition, the demorrage charge for refrigerated containers in Brazil is much higher than that of ordinary containers. Taking CS shipping company as an example, there are generally only 4 freezer containers in Brazil. Days of free time, but the demurrage is as high as USD170-260 per day.
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