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Dry goods丨Export to Brazil sea freight knowledge (super detailed) (3) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-08
Dry goods丨Export to Brazil sea freight knowledge (super detailed) (3): 2018-08-31 09:14:00 Customs clearance process 1. 48 hours before the arrival of the goods, the agent needs to send the basic information of the goods (MBL, HBL on the Information) Enter the Brazilian Customs Information System (SISCARGA). It should be noted that if the cargo arrives at SANTOS, but the Brazilian port that the ship calls first is RIO DE JANEIRO, then the agent needs to enter the information 48 hours before the cargo arrives at RIO DE JANEIRO. 2. After the cargo arrives at the port, the TERMINAL staff will notify the agent that the cargo has arrived at the port, and compare the cargo information on the shipping company system (information on MBL) if the SISCARGA information we entered does not match, we need to pay USD2800 to change it! 3. If the information is correct, TERMINAL will send LIBERATION NO. to CUSTOM BROKER for IMPORT DECLARATION (PAY TAX). 4. Tax types (the tax rate is based on the NCM NO. (customs code) of the goods inquiries). 5. After paying all taxes, take the payment voucher to SISCOMEX (Brazil Customs Clearance System) to apply for D.I NO. (DECLERA??O DEIMPORTA??O). 6. Inquire about customs clearance channels according to D.I NO. Provide relevant documents and release directly. Verification documents Verification documents, random inspections of goods need to wait 3-6 months for customs clearance, which is a gray situation. Generally, when there is a big difference between the goods and the documents, which leads to low tax returns, the customs considers it to be tax evasion. 7. After customs clearance is completed and the shipping company’s port of destination fee and TERMINAL’s STORAGE fee have been paid, make an appointment for trailer delivery. Other 1. Brazil does not accept CFS goods. 2. Exchange rate risk, especially in the months before and after the presidential election, the risk changes greatly. Therefore, it is recommended that the contract lock in the range of exchange rate fluctuations. Secondly, under the T/T payment method, try to avoid credit accounts. (The material of the article comes from i tracking net, please indicate the source for reprinting)
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