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Effective measures for transportation rationalization

by:CNS     2021-07-06
Effective measures for rationalization of transportation 2021-06-20 20:58:36 (1) Increase the actual load rate of transportation vehicles. The actual load rate has two meanings: one refers to an important indicator for judging whether the loading is reasonable when transported by a single vehicle or a single ship; the second refers to the statistical indicator of the vehicle and ship, that is, the actual cargo turnover of the vehicle and ship within a certain period of time accounts for the weight of the vehicle The ratio of the product to the distance travelled is used as an important indicator to judge whether the loading is reasonable when arranging single-vehicle and single-vehicle transportation. Increasing the actual load rate can make full use of the rated capacity of the transportation vehicle, reduce empty driving and under-load driving, and reduce waste. (2) Reduce power investment. Use as many measures as possible to reduce power input and increase transportation capacity. Specific measures in this regard are as follows: ① Guangzhou to Lejiang Logistics advocates the 'full load over axle' of railway transportation. The meaning of 'super axle' is to add more trailers when the locomotive capacity permits, so as to increase the transportation volume without increasing the locomotive. ② Water transportation towing and towing method. For the transportation of materials such as bamboo, wood, etc., their buoyancy can be used for transportation, which saves the transportation of the transportation means, thereby saving the power consumption of the transportation means. ③Incremental push method. The push method is an effective method adopted by our domestic river freight transportation, that is, the inland river barge is formed into a certain formation, and the transportation method is pushed forward by the motor boat. Its advantages are small sailing resistance, large push volume, and faster speed. , The transportation cost is low. ④Automobile trailer method. The principle of this method is basically the same as that of ship towing and train addition. It is to increase the transportation capacity on the basis of making full use of the power capacity. (3) Develop a socialized transportation system. The socialization of transportation refers to the situation that transportation companies provide open services to the outside world, breaking the situation where each household forms its own transportation system. The implementation of transportation socialization can arrange transportation means in a unified manner, avoid convection, reverse flow, empty driving, improper transportation and other unreasonable transportation forms, and realize the scale benefits of transportation. The socialization of transportation is a major trend in the development of the transportation industry, which will effectively improve the transportation efficiency of the entire society. At present, the socialized transportation system of my country's railway transportation is relatively complete, and it is the focus of establishing a socialized transportation system. (4) Carry out the diversion of medium and short distance railways and highways. my country's railway transportation capacity has been relatively tight. Replacing part of railway transportation with road transportation can alleviate the tension of railway transportation. my country's 'replacement of rail by public road' is more common in the transportation of groceries, daily necessities and coal. (5) Try to develop direct transportation. The advantage of direct transportation is most prominent when the volume of transportation and the demand of customers at a time reach a whole vehicle. Guangzhou to Zigong logistics can establish a stable production and marketing relationship and transportation system through direct transportation, which is conducive to improving the level of transportation planning. Consider using the most effective technology to achieve this stable transportation, thereby greatly improving transportation efficiency. (6) Carry out stowage transportation. This is a mode of transportation that makes full use of the load and volume of the means of transportation, and rationally arranges the load and the method of transportation in order to rationalize it. Stowage transportation is often a mixed stowage of light and heavy goods. In the case of heavy goods transportation, some light goods are used at the same time, so as to solve the problem without increasing transportation capacity and reducing the transportation volume of heavy goods. This improves the transportation of lightweight items, thereby increasing the utilization of transportation vehicles. (7) 'Four direct dialing' transportation. That is, the transportation management agency plans in advance, and then directly distributes the items to the customer at the factory, station (on the dock), warehouse, and vehicle and ship, which reduces unnecessary loading, unloading, handling, warehousing and other links, and effectively reduces Logistics costs. Extensive application of modern electronic information technology in the field of transportation can improve the modernization and intelligence level of transportation. High-tech products and technologies are applied in the field of transportation, which greatly improves transportation speed, transportation accuracy, and transportation safety, thereby reducing transportation costs and improving transportation service levels. 1601
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