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Essentials of Green Supply Chain Management

by:CNS     2021-07-11
The main points of green supply chain management 2021-06-20 16:04:291. The green design of the node enterprise, the green design of the input terminal, the prevention of manpower, through the innovation of product structure, product composition materials, processing technology, product packaging, Product maintenance and use, product disposal, etc., to achieve the ecologicalization of the product life cycle, the purpose is to emphasize the reduction of product manufacturing resources and the reduction of waste, which belongs to the corporate strategy layer. 2. Cleaner production of node enterprises. Cleaner production of node enterprises' process is aimed at reducing the generation of waste in the manufacturing process and the internal recycling of waste through the improvement of green processes. It belongs to the operational layer. 3. End-of-end treatment of node enterprises. The end-of-end treatment is from the post-remedial manpower of output control, adding some treatment links, and reducing the discharged waste to the environmentally acceptable range, with the purpose of realizing the waste discharge generated during the manufacturing process. The reduction of quantification belongs to the tactical level. ⒋Recycling and remanufacturing of waste products Through the recycling and reuse activities of waste products, a reverse supply chain management model is constructed to reduce the collection and distribution costs of recycling and remanufacturing of waste products, and to reduce the demand for natural resources in the manufacturing industry; the Guangzhou-Hubei freight line uses recycled products The reuse of parts and components can reduce the amount of original processing and reduce the amount of waste discharge in the production process; recycling and processing waste products will reduce the amount of solid waste that pollutes the environment and save landfill sites; in ensuring quality Under the premise, the use of recycled materials, remanufactured parts, and product-level remanufacturing to implement low-cost and environmentally friendly competition strategies involves a reverse supply chain network composed of corporate groups, which belongs to the macro level of society. 1003
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