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Except for the fact that it's not particularly fast

by:CNS     2020-06-27
Unlike its competitors, the new Elantra doesn't have a direct-injection cylinder head, which typically improves fuel efficiency 5% to 10%. Should the car get a DI engine, as is likely, look for a bump in overall efficiency. Also, the Hyundai shares with its larger sibling Sonata a tendency to get a bit thrashy at certain parts of the tachometer. At low engine speeds while the car is heading up slight grades, the Elantra engine chuffs and rocks in its cradle; and at moderate-to-highway speeds, if you kick it hard in the slats, the power-train starts to whine with something approaching resentment. It's a minor point and might even be perceived as driving character. The Hyundai Elantra comes with 1.6 litre 16 valve twin-cam engine adds CVVT(Constantly Variable Valve Timing) to optimize economy and cut emissions to keep harmony with environment. With Elantra, one gets a six speaker audio system with steering mounted controls that will assist the driver in creating electrifying in-car atmosphere. The Elantra offers a new 1.6 litre petrol engine, and in a market class that often prefers economy before power, it shows Hyundai engineering expertise and focus on reliability, as well as performance. Elantra is equipped with Return Fuel System(RFS) with multi-point injection and has storage capacity of 53 litres. Some other small but extremely important features of Elantra includes twin airbags, front and rear fog lights, rear child lock doors, remote keyless entry, climate control, tinted windows, cabin and cargo light, transponder immobilizer and comes with 5years or 90,000 km service plan. One superlative the Elantra owns outright: It's the better-looking car. The car manages to wear Hyundai's so-called fluidic styling without looking like it's retaining water. The surface detailing coheres around the fuselage in a single, seemingly uncompromised gesture. Among the Elantra's many grace notes are question-mark-shaped reflectors in the oversized headlamp assemblies, giving the Elantra a distinctive set of eyes at a distance, especially at night. The Elantra interior is simply terrific, well organized, intuitive and perfectly distinctive. The materials and workmanship are first-class. Please appreciate the unique array of buttons around the climate controls and the rational placement of buttons on the steering wheel. When you start putting it all together-the standard four-wheel disc brakes; the battery of smart-braking functions; the midsize roominess of the cabin; the net-extra features for this class such as outside-mirror turn indicators-the Elantra is, on paper, pretty much unbeatable for the money. I wouldn't be surprised if the Hyundai Elantra wins the popular vote.
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