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Explore logistics management mechanisms and create an environment for logistics development

by:CNS     2021-07-13
Exploring the logistics management mechanism and creating an environment for logistics development 2021-06-20 17:59:47 The logistics system is a cross-industry and cross-departmental macro and complex system. In order to coordinate relevant responsibilities and policies, and improve the efficiency and quality of logistics management, relevant central ministries and commissions Multiple joint publications to guide the scientific direction of logistics development, create a good environment for logistics operations, and explore effective mechanisms for logistics management. The railway has always attached great importance to the management issues in the development of railway freight and logistics, and constantly explored scientific and efficient railway logistics management mechanisms. While the railway system actively participates in the national logistics management and policy formulation and makes important contributions, Guangzhou Logistics Company has been paying attention to and actively exploring major issues such as the improvement of the railway logistics management mechanism and the creation of a good development environment. In terms of exploring the railway logistics management mechanism, first, in 2004, a professional transportation department was established under the operation department of the transportation bureau to be responsible for the policy formulation and management coordination of railway professional transportation and modern logistics; in 2005, the transportation department and its professional transportation department acted as The representatives of the Ministry of Railways became the office members and liaisons of the 'National Inter-Ministry Joint Conference on Modern Logistics Work'; in 2009, the Operation Department and its professional transportation department became the representatives of the Ministry of Railways and became members of the working group of the 'Working Group for the Implementation of the Logistics Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan' And liaison. Second, it is preliminarily determined that the freight department of each railway bureau must have a deputy director responsible for logistics work, and each major station must have a deputy station (section) director responsible for logistics work, thus initially forming the national railways, railway bureaus, and major stations and sections. The three-level railway logistics management system. The third is the establishment of the Freight Subcommittee and the Professional Transport Subcommittee under the Transportation Committee of the China Railway Society. They are responsible for the technical consultation and academic exchanges of railway logistics, and are in line with the 'play logistics industry adjustment and revitalization plan' proposed in the 'Logistics Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan'. Related requirements for the role of industry associations. Subsequently, in order to adapt to the development needs of modern logistics, my country's railways carried out a series of major reform measures from the railway freight system to the institutional reorganization. In March 2013, the railway government was separated from the enterprise and the comprehensive transportation system was improved. The administrative responsibility of the Ministry of Railways for formulating railway development plans and policies is assigned to the Ministry of Transport. The Ministry of Transport will make overall plans for the development of railways, highways, waterways, and civil aviation, and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive transportation system. Set up the National Railway Administration, under the management of the Ministry of Transport, and assume other administrative duties of the Ministry of Railways, responsible for drafting railway technical standards, supervising and managing railway safety in production, transportation service quality, and railway engineering quality. Set up the China Railway Corporation to assume the corporate responsibilities of the Ministry of Railways, to be responsible for the unified dispatch and command of railway transportation, to operate railway passenger and freight transportation business, to undertake special and special transportation tasks, to be responsible for railway construction, and to assume overall responsibility for railway safety in production. The Ministry of Railways is no longer retained. After the reform, the China Railway Corporation unified dispatch and command of railway transportation, implemented centralized and unified management across the road, ensured the order and safety of railway operations, ensured the completion of important transportation tasks, continuously improved the management level, and provided the people with safe, convenient, and high-quality services. In creating an environment for logistics development, my country's railways have also done a lot of work. The first is to actively organize relevant railway logistics enterprises to become the liaison units of national key logistics enterprises and participate in the solicitation of relevant national policy opinions, such as recommending China Railway Container Corporation to participate in the opinion solicitation meeting before the introduction of the 'Plan for Industry Adjustment and Revitalization'. u003d Actively recommend relevant railway logistics enterprises to enjoy relevant national preferential policies, such as successfully recommending three professional transportation companies to become the national logistics taxation pilot unit, and China Railway Express as the 'China Logistics Demonstration Base'. The third is to organize the formulation of relevant railway logistics industry regulations and technical standards, such as the formulation of railway transportation industry standards (TB). The fourth is to actively participate in the activities and management of self-regulatory organizations in the logistics industry, such as the promulgation of 'Railway Freight Transport Management Rules.' Fifth, optimize and integrate railway logistics resources, rectify and standardize railway logistics market order, and prevent internal vicious competition. For example, in September 2005, in order to integrate internal resources, optimize asset structure, straighten out business relations, strengthen business management, avoid competition in the same industry, and form complementary advantages, the railway decided to combine China Railway Luggage Express Co., Ltd. with China Railway Express Co., Ltd. (1997). The assets, businesses, institutions, and personnel of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce were registered and established in April of the same year to implement merger and reorganization. The new company uses the name 'China Railway Express Co., Ltd.' and cancels 'China Railway Luggage Express Co., Ltd.'. The sixth is to organize relevant colleges and universities and research institutions to carry out theoretical research on railway logistics planning and development and the research and development and promotion of related technologies. The seventh is to carry out the training and training of railway logistics talents, and organize the compilation and publication of railway freight and logistics teaching materials in the railway characteristic teaching materials.
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