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Export cargo agent in place of business process

by:CNS     2020-05-19
( A) Sales staff or customer skills staff on offer to the customer, must confirm the freight, transportation items, shipping date, in determining the ability to take over WeiWan cases, truthfully inform you customer required to complete the WeiWan moment and the shipping date, and foreign quotation offer to the customer by the company, such as money is lower than the offer by the company release rate, is the dot rate defined by the company. When customers under the takeover bid and WeiWan, sales staff or customer skills staff has the responsibility to supply to the customer of the company's blank container goods consignment note, customers can also receive their consignment note; But such consignment note shall be for the company's first consignment note entry, if there is no freight consignment note, after the relevant written quotation must be attached to jue ( To contract customers, the company's old customer has confirm the freight rate on the phone is not displayed on the consignment note) 。 At the same time request customer signature, stamp on consignment note ( Overseas customers, checked the non-commercial personal belongings booking signature) , such as the customer can't supply real-time content specific consignment note, the required completion before shipment, otherwise the expense is responsible by the customer. After taking over customer WeiWan, sales personnel should fill out the business contact list. Sales personnel at the same time, the customer doing things people booking the notice the business contact list and the customer booking information to customer personnel. Inappropriate for this booking WeiWan temperance criterion, customer things people can refuse to take over the booking, and have obligation to department manager for instructions. ( 2) Once take over customers booking, should be placed as soon as possible to the ship company booking and placed the trailer, customs declaration, Customers since the drag, self-reported exception) And from the trailer company there to get container number and seal number; As soon as possible the an silk book requirements documents making, and fax to our client's confirmation. Also, if necessary, should be the port of destination agent instead of print on the bill of lading, and complete documents in person before shipment and proofreading; Seriously fill in the operating process, documentaries of needs a single transshipment, release the WeiWan should be documentary, and supply to the relevant departments; Customer skills will billing personnel has signed bills to customers ( Or sales personnel) ; Sales personnel are responsible for real-time collection of freight to the customer or in accordance with the contract ( Or peace) Draw, collection of freight to the customer on schedule; Customer things people should inform customs broker real-time thirds contractor, returned to the relevant information, such as export tax rebates verification, customs handbook, etc. , these data should be returned to the customer, sales staff is responsible for doing things to the customer personnel to remind; When a customer or sales staff asked the second carrier information, customer personnel supply must be taken. ( 3) Bill of lading issued by the bill of lading issued by personnel necessary to verify creature has left port of shipment, to verify the freight charge content contract ( The talks) In freight costs after the entry to the corresponding bill of lading issued by the WeiWan, specific operation according to the bill of lading issued by some draw.
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