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Export food inspection

by:CNS     2020-05-09
A, inspection will include all the export food and food additives used to export food. Food: refers to all kinds of finished goods and raw materials for people to eat or drink and have traditionally served as both food and drugs, but does not include the items for the purpose of treatment. Food additives: means to improve food quality and color, aroma, taste, and put into food for the needs of the preservation and processing of chemical synthetic or natural substances. Second, inspection requirements 1, the country of export food production, processing, storage enterprises implement health registration and registration system, the owner or his agent to the inspection and quarantine agency inspection of export food, should be produced or stored in the health registration or registration of companies or warehouse. 2, export of prepackaged foods or its agent before the food export business operators should apply to the specified inspection and quarantine organ for food label review. Three, export food inspection shall provide evidence of the single 1, inspection in accordance with the provisions, fill in the outbound goods inspection declaration form and provide the relevant foreign trade documents, contracts, invoices, packing list, etc. ; 2, provide manufacturing enterprises ( Including processing plants, cold storage, warehouse) The health registration or registration number; 3, pre-packaged food should provide the import and export food labeling audit certificate or the label review acceptance certificate.
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