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Export France toy safety regulations

by:CNS     2020-05-17
To France's toys since January 1, 1990 must be conform to the laws and safety regulations and must be marked CE mark, and the manufacturers of goods, OuTi import dealer or agent data ( Such as company name or trademark address, etc. ) , based on the considering of safety to the user the following six warnings signs: (toys must be attached to the French A) Due to the volume of the toy itself, features, functions, such as not suitable for children under 3 years old users shall be marked 'not suitable for children under 3 years old. ( 2) Swings, slides, rings class gaming devices of the instructions shall indicate 'must be inspection maintenance regularly. ( 3) Functional toys ( Refers to imitate adults using the tools of equipment, reduce made toys, should be labeled 'is limited to use under adult supervision' and 'no in children may be within the scope of'. ( 4) Containing dangerous substances or chemicals stuffed toy must be marked the danger and 'ban on young children may take within the scope of', 'limit over the age of children', 'limited to use under adult supervision. ( 5) Roller skates to be marked 'should be used with protective equipment'. ( 6) Water toys equipment to be marked 'limited to supervision in children's feet to the bottom of the water used in'.
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