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Export of cosmetic inspection

by:CNS     2020-05-11
A, exports cosmetic inspection rules that should be paid attention to: 1, export cosmetics must pass a label audit, obtained the import and export of cosmetics label verification certificate before inspection. 2, inspection and quarantine organ for export cosmetic inspection of the project are: label, quantity, weight, specifications, packing, marking and quality health, etc. 3, cosmetics packaging container must conform to the requirements of product performance and safety and health. 4, the safety and health indicators unqualified, shall be destroyed under the supervision of inspection and quarantine organ or return; Second, the strength of the export cosmetics should provide evidence form 1, in accordance with the provisions, fill in the outbound goods inspection declaration form and provide the import and export of cosmetics label verification certificate ( Original or copy) Or the label audit acceptance certificate, the relevant foreign trade documents, contract or sales confirmation, invoice, packing list, etc. ; 2, the first export cosmetics must provide production, hygiene license, safety evaluation information and product composition table ( Includes special cosmetics) For inspection and quarantine organ for the record.
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