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Express operation process

by:CNS     2020-05-12
Express operation process: 1, express instead of agents should correctly determine the type of express mail and goods channels ( The special line, DHL or spray Hong Kong parts) Commercial documents and materials, in addition to the letter is a 'file' class, its long belongs to 'ensure] San Xie files can only be loaded inside cover of the class objects, small pieces of cloth, plastic items, such as the file like isn't as documents of shipment. To express needs to have the sender supply companies who headed the two copies of the proforma invoice, and send a company chop. The invoice should be listed by express specific goods name, number, country of origin and the customs declaration value etc. Name in Chinese, please fill in, extraordinary creature ( Professional strong items) Please ask the customer to supply both Chinese and English name, the conventional stuff please supply packing list, SINOAIR harsh according to the Courier charge will take the place of supply of the content of the proforma invoice to declare to the customs. 2, express agent instead of reality should be asked to send a company the company chop on the waybill. Please supply for precisely the receipt of the company name, address, postal code, To the American express particularly major) , telephone and fax, the data such as contact name, the wrong address and telephone number will affect the express mail delivery and transit. SINOAIR is to take over the post office box ( P。 O. 框) The address. In addition to the spray of Hong Kong to take over the Chinese address, please fill in the recipient information in English. 3, express the chargeable weight on express real weight ( Gross weight) Contrast and volume weight, both with strong and determined. Object style is to use express mail volume weight's longest X width X height / 6000, with cm ( 厘米) As a unit, less than 1 cm carry for yi min 1 cm length, such as express mail size is 33. 2X54. 5 x75。 2, the volume weight meter 34 x55x76/6000 = 24. 0 kg. SINOAIR for transfer of international express mail must be harsh in this way. Spray to Hong Kong to send express mail and bulk in principle regardless of volume weight, but when one vote light bubble volume weight of the creature across real weight 40%, then the ticket express the chargeable weight = ( Real weight + volume weight) / 2, for example: express real weighs 100 kg, volume weight 150 kilograms, the chargeable weight is ( 100 + 150) / 2 = 125 kg. Hong Kong bulk carrier, chargeable weight can set style and SINOAIR instead of signing by the bulk of the Hong Kong bulk and express freight talks 'designation. In addition to the express business necessary information, express agent should take the place of the waybill is the location and its four computers in SINOAIR shown on the listing code, in order to have a germination can real-time identification of the sender to express instead of agents, notify the sender as soon as possible. 1-4, for not according to above 4 requirements operation, or supply information is not correct, cause SINOAIR cannot real-time transfer or delivery of express, SINOAIR and then to HOLD a ( Temporary fasteners) , to express agent instead of any transit and delivery after confirm the related matters. Express Courier charge instead of supply weight measuring the chargeable weight is not consistent with our company, such as express agent instead of the second day of the distribution center in shenzhen notice no reply ( Except Sunday) , that is, the default charge weight distribution center in shenzhen. 5, send a customer such as supply by useful quota, license issued by the administrative department of the government, country of origin proof, proof of the commodity inspection, fumigation, such as files, express instead of agents should be clear in advance to inform SINOAIR correct use of the file to the Chinese and express into the customs declaration, and use appropriate style file to SINOAIR. As a result of express agent instead of not clear in advance informing SINOAIR using this file and cause the file missing, thus leading to the file under express cannot customs declaration, customs clearance and all losses, SINOAIR does not undertake any responsibility. ( This entry also share kong bulk cargo transport) 6, SINOAIR Cha door ruling national and regional opening to pay business ( 鳕鱼) Express, freight collect should be tried in the express waybill the position marked 'freight to legal wording, hunger, or paste' freight collect 'red label, SINOAIR will be released according to the freight payable at destination scales to destination, the recipient to pay the freight. Hair pieces instead of agents such as the need to change the freight payable at destination, you have prior notification SINOAIR shenzhen distribution center department. As for express mail instead of agents or send the clients are not marked 'freight to legal wording, hunger and paste logo mark whatever logo in advance delivery, cause no avatar back to pay the freight, SINOAIR does not assume any responsibility, express agent instead of still have to send by prepaid Courier expenses incurred. 7, according to the General Administration of Customs 98 < 577 > date files related to delimit, pay SINOAIR collect all transfer express and Hong Kong bulk must use SINOAIR logo mark whatever logo express items. Express instead of agents can apply for procurement SINOAIR express supplies, Courier charge instead of to dot SINOAIR market department for material 申购单, fill out after sealed by the Courier agent chapter in place of business, fax back to SINOAIR shenzhen distribution center department. SINOAIR will according to the inventory of material and express agent instead of the amount of business situation to deliver goods, materials and fees, For construction costs and import duties) And delivery costs.
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