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Features of Air Cargo Contract

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The characteristics of air cargo transportation contract 2021-06-20 19:17:41 (1) Air cargo transportation contract is a standard contract. Air cargo transportation contract, also known as standard contract, contains a large number of standard clauses. The form and clauses of the contract are basically formulated in advance by the carrier in accordance with laws, industry practices, and business needs. The state must review these clauses and protect them. The interests of air transportation companies must also protect the interests of shippers, which reflects the state's supervision and control of air cargo transportation contracts. Therefore, the air cargo transportation contract has the nature of a standard contract. (2) The air cargo transportation contract is a two-way, paid contract. The air cargo transportation contract has detailed provisions on the rights and obligations of both parties to the contract. For example, the shipper should fill in carefully, be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the consignment note, and sign or seal the consignment note; the carrier should According to the transportation capacity, according to the nature and urgency of the goods, the goods are received and transported in a planned manner. When the carrier accepts the goods, the valid identity certificate of the shipper shall be checked. For articles that are restricted by the state for transportation, a valid certificate issued by the relevant department of the state that permits transportation must be checked. These all reflect the dual nature of air transportation contracts. The shipper shall deliver the freight of the goods in the currency and payment method prescribed by the country. Unless otherwise agreed between the carrier and the shipper, the freight shall be paid in cash, that is, the shipper shall pay for the transportation services it receives. At the same time, the carrier may Charge the ground transportation fee, return handling fee and storage fee and other freight and miscellaneous fees. This reflects the paid nature of air transportation contracts. (3) The air cargo transportation contract is a promised contract. A promise contract is also called a contract for no-goods, which refers to a contract that only requires the parties to express their unanimous intentions. A promise contract can be established when both parties agree. The air cargo transportation contract takes the delivery of the goods by the shipper as a condition for the carrier to perform the same obligations. If the carrier does not deliver the goods to the carrier as agreed, the carrier does not need to undertake the obligation to perform the contract.
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