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Features of general cargo ships

by:CNS     2021-07-13
The characteristics of general cargo ships 2021-06-20 13:15:19 general cargo ships, also known as ordinary cargo ships. It is a merchant ship whose main business is the shipment of spare parts. Most of them sail regularly on fixed routes, and there are also round-the-world routes between the two ports, triangle routes or certain waters. General cargo ships generally have the following characteristics: (1) General cargo ships have a strong longitudinal structure, and the bottom of the hull is mostly a double-layer structure. (2) The bow and stern are equipped with front and rear pointed cabins, which can be used to store fresh water or load ballast water to adjust the trim of the ship. In the event of a collision, it can prevent seawater from entering the large cabin, which plays a role of safety protection. (3) In order to facilitate cargo handling, general cargo ships generally have 2 to 3 decks. A general cargo ship with a deadweight of 10,000 tons has 5 to 6 cargo holds. (4) Many 10,000-ton general cargo ships often have deep tanks due to ballast requirements, and deep tanks can be used to carry liquid cargo (animal and vegetable oils, molasses, etc.). (5) General cargo ships are generally equipped with lifting devices, most of which are mainly booms, and some are equipped with hydraulic rotary cranes. (6) Most general cargo ships have one hatch for each cargo hold, but a few general cargo ships adopt double-row hatches according to the needs of loading and unloading cargo. (7) Unscheduled general cargo ships are generally low-speed ships. Excessive speed is very uneconomical for general cargo ships. The speed of ocean-going general cargo ships is 14-18 knots, and the endurance is more than 12,000 nautical miles; the speed of offshore general cargo ships is 13-15 knots; the speed of coastal general cargo ships is 11-13 knots. (8) In order to load and unload heavy parts, heavy booms are usually installed. Guangzhou to Zhangzhou logistics in order to improve the good adaptability of general cargo ships to the transportation of all kinds of goods, can carry large cargo, containers, general cargo, and some bulk cargo, modern new general cargo ships are often designed as multi-purpose ships. The main shortcomings of general cargo ships are that the various groceries carried need to be packed and bundled to be loaded and unloaded; the other is that the loading and unloading operations are troublesome, long time, labor intensity, fragile cargo, low loading and unloading efficiency, long freight cycle, and high cost. 1284
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