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For air express countries said - the post office - - - - - - - - - - - - Countries will speed up the development trend of Courier company over the Internet

by:CNS     2020-08-04
For air express countries said - the post office - - - - - - - - - - - - Countries will speed up the development trend of Courier company over the Internet today, defense under the State Council held a press conference from spreading system, detailed introduction to improve international air smooth logistics capability of supply chain management related conditions. Meeting, talking about express company over the Internet in our country construction problem, regulations and policies of the country's postal service department of Jin Jinghua expression, from the overall situation, the ability to work in our country in recent years international air cargo received must be improved. In cross-border e-commerce services, promote trade transformation development level, give full play to the positive effect. This year, in our country exit email delivery volume exceeded 2. 1 billion, net weight is about 75 ton. This electronic mail, Courier, most of all is according to airlines method to transport, key centralization in Europe, North America and Asia. At this stage for all transport number has already been promoted 100, article 31 international routes. Relativity in international companies, domestic airline in China Internet reasonable layout and service ability, service quality level difference is also a significant, also can not be integrated into the international Posting, cross-border e-commerce and international development trend of the practical need of supply chain management. Jin Jinghua expression, the country will speed up the development trend of Courier company over the Internet, promote international air freight logistics ability, promote international logistics supply chain service system. A joint international mail, express airlines with the civil aviation administration of the Internet, reasonable layout of scientific research to promote the related contents listed in the state & other; 14 or 15 & throughout; The key of the overall plan and the overall plan. 2 it is to cooperate with relevant departments to promote each other to dominated the airport freight logistics infrastructure, sound express sorting equipment, such as the basic construction of a batch of radiation source airlines around the world express freight core. Three is to promote the Courier companies and foreign corporation, civil aviation companies enhance collaboration, strengthen the docking specification, push technology equipment, the standardization of the job processing, information management and integration. Four is to promote and improve the existing policy environment, the promotion of freight logistics channel, ensure flight schedules and other resources, increase capital investment, international air express transportation capacity increase email delivery customs clearance efficiency, cracking of the construction of express company over the Internet difficult and problem.
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