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For express delivery companies, air express is not the only business already

by:CNS     2020-08-04
For express delivery companies, air express is not the only business enterprise logo printed already run trucks, the road of the electric tricycle, is a lot of people impression of domestic logistics company. Recently, several logistics company plan, issued by huge sum of money to see to the air freight market. According to make delivery on a plane, continue to improve the equilibrium of supply and demand of logistics service of high ability to work. In all freight logistics market, the airline is a very & other; Throw money & throughout; In the business. Courier companies continue to heavily hit from the airline, what? Professionals, there are three key elements: consider requirements of high-end logistics services. Country post office report information, in the first half of 2020, the national express freight volume in 220. 27 800 million, year-on-year growth rate. 5%. To maintain sustained growth in traffic volume in addition, manufacturing high-grade further improvement in the balance of supply and demand. Preliminary statistics, the investment and financing scale beyond express and logistics industries in the first half of 100 billion yuan, the project investment direction key centralized in the end of a timely delivery, freight, shipment delivery and its basic construction management center. Accelerate to expand overseas market. Statistical analysis shows that the information in the first half of 2020 degrees to the international and Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region of the Courier services in China for 5. 200 million, year-on-year growth rate of 43. 1%, significantly exceed the industry average growth rate. With the fast fierce development of the cross-border e-commerce, cross-border electricity collected into industry improve sparkle. From the air express company integrated freight logistics services provider to the transformation of development. Open each logistics company's financial statements, Courier company already is not the only business processes, just express company, freight, cold chain logistics, warehousing logistics, city express delivery of full bloom, present diversified and comprehensive logistics service for the customer. In the whole process of development, logistics company transformation increase in freight logistics infrastructure construction level of project investment, while is beneficial to reduce the comprehensive cost. Looked from the development trend of international giant trajectories, air freight is also one of the main position of market competition.
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