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Forwarder bill of lading in English

by:CNS     2021-04-03
Forwarder bill of lading in English: 2016-05-05 15:06:00 Shipping order, delivery order, delivery order, shipping advice, shipping advice, parcel receipt, parcel receipt, shipping permit, shipping permit, charter contract, charter party, charterer charter, charter party Ship|| Voyage charter voyage charter Time charter time charter time charter allowable loading and unloading time ①lay days ②laying days working days working days consecutive days ①running days ②consecutive days demurrage demurrage demurrage days despatch despatch money empty cabin fee dead freight refund ①short shipment ②goods short shipped③goods shut out ④shut-outs indemnity guarantee (trust receipt) ①letter of indemnity②trust receipt loading unloading ①unloading ②discharging ③landing shipping weight ①shipping weight ②in-take-weight Ship's certificate of registration ship's certificate of registry ship's log crew list muster-roll (crew, passenger) health certificate bill of health clean bill unclean bill of lading foul bill doubted bill of lading suspected b ill S/O Shipping Order B/L Bill of Lading B/L Copy Ocean Bill of Lading OBL Ocean Bill of Lading NVOCC Bill of Lading HBL House Bill of Lading Through Bill of Lading TBL Through Bill of Lading Advanced BL Advanced Billof lading Anti-Dated BL Anti-dated Bill of Lading Blank BL Blank Bill of Lading Instructs the bill of lading'To Order' B/L Combined Bill (B/L) Combined Bill Split (B/L) Separate Bill Preparation Bill of Lading Received for Shipment B/L Transshipment Bill of Lading Transhipment B/L Through B/L Through B/L Shipper (Consignee) Box Arrival Notice Arrival Notice Manifest M/F Batch Filing Manifest Discrepancy received Manifest Discrepancy Acknowledgement of ManifestReceipt Packing List Packing List Cargo Receipt Station Receipt D/R Dock Receipt Delivery Note (Small Bill of Lading) D/O Delivery Order Shipper’s Export Declaration Shipper’ sExport Declaration Shipment Notice (for NVOCC similar to manifest) Shipping Advice Manifest information Manifest information Manifest information Manifest change form (notice) FCN Freight CorrectionNotice Surrender OB/Lcopies for consignment Receipt of goods Release Note receipt signed by customeracknowledging delivery of goods
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