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【Forwarder skill 】Necessary cold knowledge (FOB terms the sellerOn)Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-24
According to statistics, China's exports accounted for 70% of clinchs a deal with FOB, but experts point out that: a greater risk of FOB for exporters, could cause goods, the end of the two empty. Export contracts in China at present, more and more on FOB price terms, and the consignee appointed shipping company, the specified overseas forwarder, this is not the meaning of the terms of the FOB. With FOB price for export contract terms of abuses in where? Why the proportion is more and more big? Exporters how to deal with? Why do export FOB is on the rise? In the eighty s, China's foreign trade is a national control policy, except a handful of foreign-funded enterprises, foreign trade management of central and provincial professional foreign trade companies, until the end of eighty to expand into the city, the county foreign trade corporation and key production enterprises. At that time, the shipping market of our country has not open to the public, cosco ocean arterial vessel is far cannot meet the needs of the external transport, a large number of export goods must pass through Hong Kong transit. Countries for the protectorate and the development of the insurance industry, put forward the export do FOB, CIF, import this criterion in foreign trade to negotiate terms. But also because of the export goods transit link along the way, often to provide to the buyer the second carrier of information is not accurate, even the name change and change, the cheng brothers to customer to prevent our advance bill of lading, anti-dated b/l, have insisted on doing the FOB specified shipping company. Since the ninety s, China's opening to the outside world shipping market, foreign shipping companies have swarmed into China's major coastal ports, especially in Shanghai. The entry of foreign shipping company, shipping company provides the conditions specified for foreign buyers. At the same time, the vigorous development of foreign-funded enterprises, the state gives production enterprises and scientific research institutes of import and export rights, is no longer a professional foreign trade companies in China the situation of unify the whole country, but formed a large economic and trade pattern. Combined with the international trade from a seller's market into a buyer's market, exports do CIF in addition to the traditional state-owned enterprises has certain influence, is subject to other enterprises, make the export FOB cargo has a certain degree of rise. As foreign shipping companies into China shipping market, a swarm of overseas freight forwarders also in. Overseas forwarder active, make China's exports to be FOB designated agent cargo has risen sharply, together with the liner companies have rise in price since 1997, price number frequency, price increases, price notification is rare, which is slightly profitable freight costs become unprofitable even against losses, some foreign business people to avoid freight rate risk, take the initiative to do the FOB. Therefore in recent years, exports do FOB cargo repeatedly soared, some foreign companies almost reached more than 80%, and the trend of rising.
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