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Freezer Operation Manual CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-13
Freezer operation manual: 2018-06-22 11:58:00 Recently, the import of fruits from ASEAN and Taiwan has increased greatly under the guidance of the free trade agreement. The demand for freezer in logistics has also increased very rapidly. There are some freezing on the network. The use and operation manual of the cabinet, the original file download address is as follows: 360 cloud disk download address: (access password: e80c) Sina microdisk download address: /dcjpmaObks5U71. The basic concept of the freezer: 1.1 Purpose of using the freezer: The freezer is used to maintain the temperature of the goods. It is important to point out that some people may think that the freezer is used to cool the goods, which is incorrect. 1.2 Freezer dimensions The internal dimensions of the freezer box and the load capacity LWH Cu P20' 5444 2284 2267 28.5 21135/2716040' 11583 2284 2250 58.7 26580HC 11583 2286 2556 67.9 263802. Introduction to cold box refrigeration and control technology 2.1 Refrigeration system The new cold box gradually adopts scroll compressors and frequency conversion technology to achieve high-efficiency, energy-saving refrigeration and flexible control of cooling capacity; the super cold box adopts two-stage refrigeration technology, which can reach a low temperature of -60℃; adopts dual refrigeration units, which can be used separately It can work at the same time, which not only increases the cooling capacity but also provides double safety guarantee; using the box generator set to start power supply to the temperature sensitive cargo box generator without external power supply, so that the refrigeration system can work continuously and avoid the cold box Any fluctuations in temperature. Note: The cold box refrigeration system is generally designed with limited refrigeration capacity. It is only used to keep the shipped goods at a set temperature, not to reduce the temperature of the shipped goods. '2.2 Control system The new cold box adopts a controllable program micro-processing control system, which has the functions of temperature setting, temperature control, defrosting, temperature display, temperature recording and alarm, achieving intelligent control of the cold box and continuous recording of working status 2.3 The dehumidification system reduces the temperature in the box to maintain the best temperature range according to the special requirements of the goods, so that the goods can be transported in the most suitable environment. However, it should be noted that this system can only reduce the humidity of the air in the box, but cannot increase the humidity.
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