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by:CNS     2020-07-01
Website of available loads searching - a virtual transport market - comes to the rescue carriers. Helping forwarding and logistics companies to plan shipping routes and transportation costs, freight exchange market simultaneously solves the important task of selecting high-quality partners around the world. Daily updated database - is an effective help for each transport company in search of free loads and free trucks. Consider the main benefits to be received by a transport company, which enjoys the transport services of the exchange market. 1. The main advantages of membership in the transport exchange market: Reduction of empty runs of transport The most efficient use of fleet Reduction of downtime in shipments place Reduction of transportation costs 2. Additional benefits: New direct contacts and new clients A competitive advantage in speed and cost of shipping, especially in peak season demand Increase profits by increasing customer base and volume of transportation Undoubtedly the main objective of freight exhange market is to reduce costs of shipping, so far as exactly on an freifht exchange market carriers and customers can quickly find free loads and suitable proposals for transport. Effective use of the exchange market allows to find not just a one-time problem solving, but permanent partners in the road freight. Through participation in the information exchange on the transport exchange market any transport company can quickly conduct a search of freights and free transport, expand customer base and acquire new partnerships. To turn reduce logistics costs and reduced downtime transport will give a powerful competitive advantage for transport companies wishing to expand the area of the delivery. The Freight Exchange are always focused on the development of new products and services and offers users: available cargoes available various types of transport tenders for the provision of transportation services catalog of transportation companies blacklist of companies transport forum for the logistics and freight forwarders calculation of route and distance between cities a wide range of maps for logistics and freight forwarding
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