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Freight forwarding operation management information system

by:CNS     2021-07-07
Freight forwarding operation management information system 2021-06-20 19:49:10 to accelerate the development of freight and modern logistics and adapt to the transportation needs of economic construction. This is not only a new growth point for road transportation in the future, but also my country's entry into the WTO and foreign investment' A big market where every inch of land must be contended. The main functional modules of the transportation freight forwarding business management information system include business management, expense management, basic data maintenance, system maintenance, etc. The main functions of the freight forwarding operation management information system include: 1. Online entrusted management includes online entrusted processing, cargo information tracking, customer feedback information processing, etc. 2. Business operation management includes power of attorney management, consignment note management, bill of lading management, freight rate management, and related shipping schedules and other business information management. 3. Document management includes bill of lading, billing customization, and printing and transmission of other related documents. 4. Financial management includes expense settlement, invoice management, collection management, payment management, etc. 5. Data statistics management includes business data statistics, financial data statistics and management of various index data statistics. 6. Customer management includes customer information management, customer contract management and customer agreement management. 7. Data maintenance management includes daily maintenance of business data, financial data and various index data. 8. The management of countries and regions including the system authority management of the logistics business of the company's location involved in foreign trade. 9. The management of ships, routes, ports, docks, and container types includes the input and management of specific data in foreign shipping. 10 The management of payable units, consignees, and foreign agents includes the management of payable settlement units, consignee information and related documents. 11. Goods classification, name, packaging type management and expense classification, project, exchange rate management including management of specific information of goods and currency settlement. 12. System maintenance management includes user authority management, system data parameter setting management and data exchange management. 13. Data interface management is mainly the processing of financial interface.
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