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Freight operation process

by:CNS     2020-05-17
A, 1, to take over the owner's inquiry shipping inquiry: (1) need to grasp the port of shipment to the continents, each big airline commonly used, and the owner often need to port the price; (2) the first ship company shipping date information; (3) need to should make inquiries to the shipper and ask some category information, such as the name, risk level, etc. ( Waterway dangerous gauge) 2, land enquiry: ( Common currency near fee) 1) need to grasp the major primary city mileage and drag boxes price; (2) the port container price; (3) customs clearance fee, the inspection and quarantine fee scale. 3, not real-time supply, need to please contact elements customer telephone number, name, etc, in order to respond to the owner within the shortest possible time. Second, the order ( Take over the owner WeiWan) Take over after the shipper WeiWan ( Generally as a faxed copy) Need to clear the key information: 1, the amount of shipment, number 2, box, box type volume 3, 4, and the largest volume for: ( Length * width * height) Can pack size, can pack weight 1 x 20 'GP = 31 cbm6 * 2. 38 * 2. 382517 mt1×40英尺= 67 cbm12 * 2。 38 * 2. 385525 mt1×40 'hc cbm12 * 2 = 76。 7 * 2. 381×45英尺= 86 cbm ( Note: GPgeneralpurpose popular box; CBMcubicmetre cubic meters; MTmetricton metric tons; HChighcubic high box) 5, pay for items, the shipper contact style 6, do box, door to door is still within three, booking 1, filling WeiWan book ( Ten duplicate) ; When making maximum level to ensure that the original order data, consistent, correct to cut many subsequent process changes. Chapter 2, stamp company's booking booking: need to supply booking attachment ( Such as ChuanGong bias money confirmation) , should prepare to go to the booking. 3, obtains the cargo receipt, name of vessel, voyage number, bill of lading information. Four, do the case 1, door to door: fill in the packing plan: do box moment number, name of vessel, voyage, declaration, transshipment port, the port of destination, gross weight, number, volume, door, contacts, telephone calls and such will, before cut off day, Two days before the shipment) 1 ~ 2 days good car class. 2, built-in: fill in the packing plan: the shipment number, name of vessel voyage and close transshipment port, the port of destination, gross weight, number, volume, number into the tank in, such as before the cut off day, Two days before the shipment) 1 ~ 2 days good car class. 3, two cases of the packing list (do housing CLP) Five, the declaration 1, body odor often export creature information needed for customs clearance. (1) to the commodity inspection (2) to (3) (4) need to certificate of origin (5) to permit the quotas to supply authorized trademarks, trademark name 6 export spray region value over $100000 in Hong Kong, other regions across at $500000, to supply the settlement of exchange memo (when cancel after verification Copy) All landowners to nuclear price supply chamber of commerce in chapter 2, fill in the name of vessel voyage, b/l number, corresponding to the packing list ( packinglist) , invoice, shown in the gross weight net weight, number, packing types, amount, volume, the accuracy of audit declaration form ( Documents consistent) 。 3, according to customs declaration address article of 'Chinese name', contrast the customs code, consult the commodity code, review the two match, according to the code to determine the measurement unit, and in accordance with the customs regulations listed in the premise that mustered lacks requirements of customs declaration. 4, ready for customs clearance WeiWan books, customs declaration, manuals, invoice, packing list, the verification, cargo receipt ( Ten duplicate the immovable in the future) , change the single ( Necessary) And other required documents, to cut off the day before the customs clearance. 5, tracking, dock receipt, to ensure the loading on board. 6, who shut out to match, if there is next voyage, shipment still needed, the can card, so quotas, commodity inspection, quarantine documents, such as shut out, change notification should be prior to this setting equipment decoration schedule for a week, so that ( A quotation) Smoothly withdraw the information, from the beginning. Otherwise will only postpone the shipment and cause trouble.
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