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Freight rates and basic concepts of air cargo transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The freight rate and basic concepts of air cargo transportation 2021-06-20 15:27:521) The freight rate refers to the amount that the carrier charges from the shipper for each unit of weight (or volume) of the transportation from the airport to the departure airport. Air fees at the destination airport. The freight rate is the price of air transportation between the airport of departure and the airport of destination. It is only applicable to one direction, generally in kilograms or pounds, and does not include other additional costs, such as delivery, customs declaration, delivery and storage costs. 2) Freight The transportation charges for each batch of goods that the consignor or consignee should pay based on the applicable freight rate are called Transportation Charges. 3) Actual gross weight The actual gross weight of the goods including the packaging of the goods is called the actual gross weight of the goods (Gross Weight). In general, for high-density goods, the actual gross weight may become the chargeable weight. 4) Volume weight According to the relevant rules of the International Air Transport Association, the volume of the cargo is converted into a weight according to a certain ratio, which is called Volume Weight. Due to the limitation of cargo space volume, generally for low-density cargo, the volume weight can be considered as the chargeable weight. The volumetric weight is calculated based on the centimeter length of the longest, widest, and highest three sides. The decimal part of the length, width, and height is rounded to the nearest whole number. The conversion standard is 1kg per 6000cm3. 5) Lowest Freight The minimum freight that airlines can accept for a batch of goods (Minimum Charges).
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