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Freight station operations and equipment

by:CNS     2021-07-06
Freight station operations and equipment 2021-06-20 14:24:21 The basic task of the freight station is to complete freight operations. In some cases, depending on the characteristics of the source and flow of goods, the focus of the operations of each freight station is also different. In some large hubs in large cities and freight stations where unloading is greater than loading, the tasks of freight stations are more focused on unloading, arrival notification, and handling during arrival operations. In stations where loading is greater than unloading, the focus is on strengthening the organization of supply sources in the delivery operation, and organizes the purchase and loading of goods according to the train formation plan and transportation plan. At the LTL transfer station, it should focus on the LTL transfer and organization in the transfer operation to speed up the efficiency of LTL transfer and shorten the transfer time. The main operations of the freight station are: 1. Operation (l) Handle the pick-up operation of the small running train from the marshalling station or the direct train from the connecting section. (2) According to the loading and unloading points, select the marshalling group, transfer the group and arrange the vehicles according to the cargo space. (3) Collect the trucks that have been loaded and unloaded at each loading and unloading point and gather them on the shunting line. (4) Marshalling small running trains or direct trains depart to the marshalling station or connecting section. 2. Cargo operations (1) Consignment and delivery of goods (2) The loading, unloading and storage of goods (3) Preparation of freight bills. (4) Cargo inspection, classification, handling, stacking, reloading, reinforcement, inspection, loading and unloading. (5) Handle the combined transportation between railway and other transportation departments. The freight station sometimes also performs the following operations: the receiving, sending, passing and rendezvous of some passenger and freight trains, the repair of defective cars, the preparation of shunting locomotives, and the cleaning, washing, and disinfection of vehicles. (2) Freight station equipment In order to complete the above operations, the freight station should be equipped with the following main equipment: (1) Operating equipment: Operating equipment includes arrival and departure lines, shunting lines, pull-out lines, etc. (2) Freight equipment: Freight equipment includes freight yard wiring, warehouse equipment, loading and unloading equipment, roads for taking and delivering goods, parking (truck, etc.) yards, water supply and drainage equipment, and fire fighting equipment. (3) Other equipment: The freight station can also set up cargo platforms, locomotive maintenance, vehicle maintenance equipment, etc. according to the needs of the operation.
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