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Frequently asked questions about Brazilian exhibitors, remember to collect them if you are interested in exhibiting! (Bottom) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-09
Frequently asked questions about Brazil's participation in the exhibition, remember to collect it if you are interested in participating in the exhibition! (Bottom): 2018-06-02 09:32:00 5. Can I ship my goods by express or in my hand/checked luggage? We do not recommend shipping goods by express. According to Brazilian law, express delivery can only be used for the mailing of documents. We also do not recommend consigning goods in hand-carried or checked baggage, because Brazilian regulations recognize that hand-carried or checked baggage can only carry personal items and not commercial items. Brazilian law has strict regulations on checked baggage, and personal items of less than US$500 are completely tax-free. All items must be for personal use and not for commercial use. 6. Can I sell my products in the exhibition? The goods and equipment displayed in the exhibition must not be sold, regardless of whether it is items that have been granted permanent access or temporary access. 7. The deadline for the goods to arrive in Brazil. In order to ensure that the relevant Brazilian agencies, customs brokers and customs brokers have enough time to complete the necessary procedures and inspections stipulated by the state, the goods need to be shipped to Brazil within a certain period of time: the sea freight needs to be before the exhibition starts at the latest Arrival in 30 days by air, at the latest 20 days before the start of the air shipment. 8. Information about the fumigation certificate: wooden boxes shipped from the United States and East Asia (for example: China, Japan, South and North Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.) Packaged goods must be fumigated before shipping from the place of origin. The fumigation certificate must include the following content: fumigation agent; amount of agent used; time used for fumigation; temperature used. 9. What you need to know about insurance Columbia recommends that all exhibitors buy round-trip insurance for exhibits. The original copy of the insurance policy needs to be attached to the invoice. According to Brazilian transportation and storage regulations, insurance providers must have local branches in Brazil.
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