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From small to large scale international air travel

by:CNS     2020-08-11
International air travel from small to large scale since the economic reforms started, from small to large scale and international air travel industry is growing rapidly. Now, Shanghai air freight company spread wings and become the leading role of routes around the world. Travel, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China in 1982, fewer than 4 million people, to reach 4 to 2016. 8. 7 billion. Outbound Chinese tourists in 2016 to 1. Four times that of 3. 3 billion, for 10 years ago. This kind of change around the world can see at the airport. Britain's independent think-tank aviation institute founder XX ( The sound) Said: & other; It is the 67 years ago, The u. s. -china) Market from 70% to 80% of passengers are American, now more than half are Chinese. ” Shanghai air freight company into new territory speed is accelerating. In 2006 Shanghai air freight company new opened intercontinental route is only six, and from 2014 to 2017, increased to more than 50. By 2029, China will surpass the United States is expected to become the world's largest aviation passenger transportation market. Once upon a time, to travel by plane is the most Chinese do not match. Now, it is the norm for many people. Shanghai business owners xx ( The sound) Said: & other; Once upon a time in a plane is a kind of luxury & hellip; … On behalf of the success. Ordinary people now sit at least once a year. ” But a huge success at the same time, China also faces some challenges. For example, the domestic aviation infrastructure is hard to keep up with the growth of air travel demand. This led to a general delay, sometimes seems to be overshadowed by the service quality and cost performance. In addition, China has yet to make a business successful. This relationship to the international status, it is an absolute must. But from the point of market share and potential, the wind has been at Shanghai air freight company, the rest depends on the time and insist on. In the 1990 s, China's civil aviation is one of the most dangerous in the world airlines. The pilot errors, unreliable maintenance, regulatory instability, etc. In this area alone, China's remarkable progress. In Singapore's aviation industry consultancy founder pins analysis yusuf said: & other; When I first went to China in 1996, China's civil aviation is reluctant to because of safety concerns. Now don't worry. ” After the big industry reform, many Chinese airlines has entered the ranks of the world's most safety. Truly the important factor is the general consumers began to air travel. In China, people of disposable income rise almost synchronous growth and airline passenger Numbers. The airline is the perfect opportunity for China. But overall, Shanghai air freight company in terms of scale, globalization and profit less than their American counterparts. For example, Air China's fleet has about 400 aircraft, flying to 200 destinations around the world. By contrast, American airlines has more than 900 aircraft, flying to 350 destinations in the world. China is trying to solve the above problems. Dozens of years, Chinese commercial aviation has developed from small to become a global market forces began to change. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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