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Full container cargo export cargo flow program

by:CNS     2020-05-19
Entrust unit ( The owner) To check the power of attorney with a customs declaration form according to ( Including tax, foreign exchange verification sheet, commercial invoice and all kinds of different goods customs need to submit documents, such as check in time is short, can make a power of attorney first, then fill the customs declaration form according to) Pay the freight forwarder. Forwarder HeYue a power of attorney and related customs declaration according to typed checked after booking ( Dock receipt, shipping order) Send Courier shipping companies or ship cabin. Shipping company or agent, after loading dock receipt, or LianTui such as shipping order to forwarder. Forwarder to customs declaration computer to register and submit a full set of customs declaration according to the outbound customs declaration for export. The customs stamp on the shipping order released after nuclear transport, will the shipping orders, such as dock receipt LianTui to freight forwarders. Forwarder will stamp release the shipping order, gate-in terminal port loading chamber. Shipping company or shipping agent according to booking stowage purpose made out loading list, the list of dock planner, ship dock planner figure, cargo manifest and so on to the dock for receiving and shipping. Forwarding to the shipping company or agent to receive container equipment receipt to specify the yard to get empty container. Forwarder to entrust unit packing cargo storage site ( Or entrust unit delivery to forwarder warehouse packing) After container cargo together with container packing list and equipment receipt sent to the dock. Terminal will provide the loading list of shipping company or agent and container shipment packing list to send to customs for customs supervision. According to the ship dock planner and after receiving dock planner listing with fixed load, made out order shipment ship on one foot. Mate with shipping order picking, issued after loading dock receipt. After loading dock receipt by terminal delivery company or agent. Terminal according to the actual situation of shipment map real shipment delivery company or agent. Shipping company or agent will be real shipment figure, manifest, the freight bill, a copy of the bill of lading, copies of the container packing list and take one -my port of the ship. Shipping company or agent, shipping bill of lading issued by the dock receipt to the forwarder. Sent the bill of lading of shipment forwarder to entrust unit. Shipping company or ship generation will manifest to customs. Issued by the customs according to the shipping manifest tax rebates and other documents to the forwarder. Forwarder to take back to entrust unit such as tax, foreign exchange verification sheet.
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