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Functions of Railway Logistics Center

by:CNS     2021-07-04
The function of the railway logistics center 2021-06-20 10:42:07 The railway logistics center is developed from the original railway freight station. Therefore, the railway logistics center must retain the basic functions of the freight station in the traditional operation, and at the same time carry out the corresponding modern Logistics function. l. Loading, unloading and handling function In the traditional operation of railway freight station, loading and unloading is an important part of station work organization, which involves the choice of loading and unloading machinery. The railway logistics center should also have the function of loading, unloading and handling. The railway logistics center should be equipped with various specialized loading, unloading, lifting, transporting, palletizing and other loading and unloading machinery to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading and reduce the damage to the goods caused by the operation. 2. The function of multimodal transport Railway freight station is a place where a large number of materials are collected and distributed. Multimodal transport can expand the service scope of railway logistics center: make up for the defects and deficiencies of railway transportation. As far as the railway logistics center is concerned, the logistics company from Guangzhou to Shanghai has the most combined transportation of rail and road transportation, followed by the combined transportation of rail and air, and there are also combined transportation of rail and water in the port area. 3. The function of parking. The parking lot of the railway logistics center has parking lots for centralized parking of incoming and outgoing vehicles, waiting for distribution or rest on the way, and also parking lots for temporary parking of urban convenient freight vehicles, as well as railway logistics center official vehicles and buses. The parking place of the vehicle and so on. 4. Life service function Railway logistics center employees need comfortable and safe living conditions. Corresponding living, entertainment, and sports facilities should be set up. Railway logistics center should have life service functions. 5. Carriage and delivery functions. The railway logistics center must have the ability to receive and deliver all kinds of goods. It can not only receive the arrival of the entire truck, but also the ability to receive and deliver containerized goods, as well as other bulky and bulk parts. (For the arrival and departure of oversized and special-shaped goods, the delivery and transportation functions can be completed directly with the owner in the process of collecting and distributing goods. 6. Warehousing function Warehousing plays a buffer, adjustment and balance role in the logistics system. A central part of logistics. The purpose of warehousing is to overcome the difference in time between product production and consumption, and to make property and assets generate time benefits. Its contents include storage, management, maintenance, maintenance and other activities. Railway logistics centers must have a strong The storage function is to give full play to the advantages of railway transportation and logistics distribution to provide good storage services for arrival and transshipment goods. The storage functions of the railway logistics center include warehouse storage, bulk storage and container storage. 7. Distribution function In the operation process of the railway logistics center, there are two aspects of distribution, one is that the goods arrive at the destination station, and the goods are delivered according to the waybill at the time of consignment. The other is the goods that need to be transported, according to the requirements of the owner. , To carry out door-to-door pickup services. The railway logistics center enables the railway to achieve real “door-to-door” services through the logistics distribution function. For railway freight stations, large-scale enterprises generally have dedicated lines for cargo transportation. In the traditional In terms of transportation operation organization, station operations are arranged by the station. The railway logistics center uses special railway lines to carry out logistics distribution. It is the characteristic and advantage of the railway logistics center and the expansion of the traditional logistics distribution model. Therefore, the railway logistics center uses cars and roads. There are three distribution modes: transportation for distribution, use of special railway lines for distribution, and the combination of special railway line distribution and automobile distribution. 8. Information function The logistics information management center is the command and dispatch center of the logistics center and the key to the logistics network. The order and normalization of the operation of the logistics system, as well as the efficiency and level of the entire logistics system, depend on the realization of the management functions of the logistics center, especially the capacity of information processing. The railway logistics information management center is the railway logistics center for information transmission, collection, and The centralized location of processing and sending, and powerful and effective information functions are the key to the operation and management of the railway logistics center, and it is also an important guarantee for the integration of the logistics operation units in the railway logistics center into an organic whole.
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