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Gel battery packaging requirements lead-acid battery shipping regulations of shipping

by:CNS     2020-04-10
Gel battery belongs to a classification, development of lead-acid batteries is added in the sulfuric acid gelling agent, sulfuric acid electro-hydraulic colloidal becomes. Electro-hydraulic of colloidal battery often called gel battery. At present domestic common colloid 2 v battery series 50 ah ~ 3000 ah, 6 v series 100 ah 200 ah, 12 v series of 33 ah ah ~ 250. Colloid storage battery is the most important characteristics are the following: (1) : colloidal battery internal mainly SiO2 porous mesh structure, there are a lot of small aperture, with smooth migration of oxygen of the anode to the cathode plate, is advantageous for the negative absorption combination; (2) : colloidal battery with acid amount is larger, so its capacity and AGM battery almost the same; (3) : colloidal battery internal resistance is bigger, better generally have no large current discharge characteristic; (4) : the quantity of heat is easy to spread, not easy to heat up, thermal runaway. Gel battery shipping packaging requirements common lead-acid battery export transport packaging has two kinds, one kind is dangerous goods packaging ( Referred to as 'dangerous package) , one kind is ordinary packing ( General package) 。 Using packet's battery is mainly refers to only the plastic shell and internal series lead plate, without adding acid battery; Use dangerous packages are installed in the storage battery is mainly refers to in the above battery acid, in the international maritime dangerous goods rules, its risk category as 8 classes, mainly for acid corrosion of leakage. The export - lead-acid battery inspection procedures SN / T0361 - Lead-acid battery in 95 'refers to the lead-acid battery without acid, so will not lead-acid battery with clear for dangerous goods. Common dangerous package requirements packaging lead-acid batteries battery is actually with sulfuric acid solution, is also called the rich fluid lead-acid battery. Considering the colloid in the lead-acid battery no obvious corrosion liquid overflow, many people think, is engaged in the export of battery quality inspection of the gel of lead acid battery packing does not need according to the dangerous goods inspection requirements. In fact, due to the each port to grasp the scale, at present our country to export package state's colloid lead-acid battery in many ports are released, but also some port will not be released. Wait for the goods to the port of packaging does not conform to the request, no shipment, enterprises have to carry back the goods, after change the packing to export, this caused a lot of economic losses to the enterprise. Colloid lead-acid battery is dangerous goods? Carefully read the rules of the international maritime dangerous goods ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'rules') And the proposal of dangerous goods, we can find that the rules referred to in the storage battery has 6 kinds, acid battery only direct with acid a, made no mention of colloid lead-acid batteries, the other five are alkaline battery, alkaline battery has solid medium, also have liquid. But we are from the 'rules' in related articles of all kinds of battery research as you can see, the risk of battery characteristics mainly embodied in two aspects: one is there due to internal storage battery power, in the process of transportation, electrode short circuit will cause a fire. The second is internal acid or alkaline medium leakage caused by corrosion. The spillover of the medium have two possibilities, one is the direct spillover fluid, the other is a battery case caused by fire, impact damage is corrosive spillover of solid or liquid medium. Colloid lead-acid batteries have a combination of these two kinds of risk characteristics, on the one hand, it is energy storage, transport process, the electrode short circuit will cause fire; Acid medium, on the other hand, the colloid is corrosive, the battery shell by reason of fire, the impact caused by the damage, it will gel medium spillover and cause corrosion. Thus, colloid lead-acid batteries belong to dangerous goods, must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of dangerous goods packaging packaging, considering the other 6 kinds of battery in the 'rules' of risk categories are 8 categories, types of packaging are class III, lead-acid battery the gel medium corrosion is not better than other battery, so the risk of colloid lead-acid battery category are 8 classes, packaging category should be a class III.
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