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Goods generation tank process

by:CNS     2020-05-24
According to the different operating regulations, freight forwarders for different shipping owner for the owner to provide different services. Clear every course and LCL service. The choice of the owner or freight forwarders. With price priority, good route for the purpose of, choose to have advantage on behalf of the owner or the goods of the tank. Booking way: booking in writing ( Fill in the booking) ( 1) Booking agent designated shipping order format. ( 2) The booking format (not appointed China shipping order format) Review the shipping order. Booking confirmation, in the process should pay attention to: through different ways receive the booking confirmation of the owner or forwarding ( SHIPPINGORDER) , the S/O on the related owner or forwarding data to delete, note the customer service/documents on the SO contact telephone, fax and EMAIL address, fax SO give the customer again. If the customer wants to entrust trailer packing with customs declaration, prior to 1 - ahead of schedule 2 days to arrange well implement trailer plan and customs matters. Input the FMS system and inspection fees. Tracking service. Including: the customer by the SO to the dock to play simply for empty container loading equipment receipt to the yard, such as customer feedback shall not be a single, is from the customer service to the booking agent to find out the reason, notify the customer to play list and explain to the customer. Customers at the dock of empty ark or also heavy ark encounter problems, to confirm booking, promptly notify the customer. After container, because the goods can't keep, the shipper request to delay a voyage. Is after the ark and postponing time schedule should be according to the shipping company shipment box, reasonable arrangement of box if time more than shipping companies to provide free box, will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the collection containers are royalty. Due to the shipper to approach on time, to apply for delay. Customers to our company apply LATECOME. After receipt of the application for the customer to the booking agent to apply for LATECOME, stay booking agent confirmed rear can notify the customer whether to accept the application, if not accept, explain the reasons to the customer. During the peak season, weekly flights are sure tank, customer service must be closely communicate with the owner or forwarding agent, to understand the change of the schedule, the latest allocation of shipping space, promptly provide the latest news to the salesman, and apply to the owner or forwarding agent with the cabin, to ensure that our booking with the ship. Arrange payment and get the original bill of lading and each electric fly cargo booking agent to get the bill of lading, in accordance with the requirements for the format of the booking agent, fill in the relevant mails a power of attorney, the content of the above listed clearly. To get the original bill of lading, COPY and purpose to the business center staff sign for it. Do electric fly goods, must be confirmed by the business center staff rear can be release the application to the booking agent. Each booking agent release the format of the single requirements vary, so strictly according to the requirements of each booking agent.
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