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Green logistics is the need of green consumption and green manufacturing

by:CNS     2021-07-10
Green logistics is the need for green consumption and green manufacturing. 2021-06-20 13:08:26 As the concept of sustainable development is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, consumers' awareness of civilization and environmental awareness has gradually increased, and green consumption has become a new consumption concept . Green consumption means that people not only care about the function, life, style and price of the product, but also care about the environmental performance of the product. They would rather pay more to buy environmentally friendly green products; on the basis of achieving a comfortable life, focus on saving resources and energy. . It also includes the acceptance of renewable resources and products. With the rise of green consumption, consumers' acceptance and recognition of companies is increasingly concerned about whether companies have a sense of social responsibility, that is, whether companies save and use resources, whether companies recycle raw materials for waste products, whether companies pay attention to protecting the environment, rather than It only pays attention to whether it can provide products and services of high quality and low price. Lvbao manufacturing (also known as green product design and manufacturing) is produced to meet the needs of green consumption, and green products are manufactured in a way that saves resources and reduces pollution. However, green logistics is the link between green manufacturing and green consumption. Logistics from Guangzhou to Yichang is inseparable from the greening of logistics in order to realize the greening from product manufacturing to product consumption market. Green logistics and green manufacturing and green consumption are interpenetrating and interacting with each other. Green manufacturing is the prerequisite for realizing green logistics and green consumption. Green logistics can promote green manufacturing through the reaction of circulation to production, and meet and promote green consumption through green logistics management. Green logistics, green manufacturing, and green consumption together constitute a green economic cycle system that saves resources and protects the environment. 1751
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