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Green logistics packaging

by:CNS     2021-07-10
Green logistics packaging 2021-06-20 15:45:37 Green logistics packaging refers to packaging that saves resources and protects the environment. The main ways of green packaging are as follows. 1. Large-scale and containerized packaging. Large-scale and containerized packaging such as container, container bag, pallet and other containerization methods are conducive to the mechanization of the logistics system in the process of loading and unloading, relocation, storage and transportation, and speed up these The operating speed of the link is conducive to reducing unit packaging, saving packaging materials and packaging costs, and helping to protect the cargo body. 2. Packaging standardization Packaging standardization is the standard for determining the basic size of packaging. All kinds of products entering the circulation field need to be packaged according to the size specified by the modulus/number. Standardized packaging is conducive to the collection of small packages, and is conducive to container and pallet packing and loading. If the packaging modulus can be unified with the size modulus of warehouse facilities and transportation facilities, it is more conducive to transportation and storage, so as to realize the rationalization of the logistics system. 3. Lower packaging costs (1) Reduce packaging material costs. The largest proportion of packaging costs is the cost of packaging materials. To reduce costs, the first step should be to reduce the cost of packaging materials. For this reason, the procurement of packaging materials should be as low as possible under the premise of ensuring basic functions, and try to use general packaging and reusable packaging, such as beverages and beer bottles. Or the packaging after one-time use can be converted to other use after used up or used for other use after simple treatment. (2) Simplify packaging. The packaging design is reduced to achieve moderate packaging. Guangzhou warehousing and distribution reduce packaging waste from the source, which is recognized as the world's first choice for green packaging. Excessive packaging creates a waste and unnecessary pollution. For example, improving the material properties enables the bottled container to be thin-walled and lighter while increasing its strength; to further reduce the weight and film of plastic packaging; for low-value commodities, simplify the packaging as much as possible, and even allow a certain degree of damage. This is also beneficial for saving packaging costs. 4. Green packaging materials Green packaging materials are the materials with the lowest environmental burden and the highest recycling rate during the entire life cycle. Green packaging material is the core of green packaging. It can not only reduce and eliminate environmental pollution, effectively reduce the harmful impact of packaging waste on the environment, and ease the pressure on the ecological environment, but also in packaging production, use, and recycling. In the process, it can save resources, replace some lacking or valuable resources, and recycle waste resources. The logistics from Guangzhou to Enshi can reduce the cost of waste disposal, which has obvious social and economic benefits. 1758
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