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Green logistics system

by:CNS     2021-07-10
Green logistics system 2021-06-20 12:10:05 According to the definition of green logistics, the realization of green logistics system is also divided into two levels. At the micro level, the realization of the green logistics system needs to be guaranteed from two aspects: organization and process. The logistics organization establishes a comprehensive environmental management system to ensure that all environmental behaviors in the system comply with specific specifications, and the environmental impact of the system is decreasing day by day, showing a virtuous circle trend. The logistics process adopts Fojin's green technology, such as green packaging, green transportation, etc., to ensure that the waste discharge and energy consumption of logistics activities are continuously reduced; at the same time, the overall improvement is measured by the life cycle assessment method, and the overall optimization effect of the monitoring system is monitored. At the macro level, the green logistics system embodies the 3R principles: reduction, reuse, and recycling, and truly realizes the common development of logistics activities based on effective material circulation with the environment, economy, and society, so that the social development process The amount of waste is minimized, and the waste can be recycled and treated in a harmless manner. General logistics systems usually carry out the recycling of items in the garbage collection link. The green logistics system recovers and reuses items between every two types of logistics links. The entire logistics cycle system consists of countless small cycle systems. Before completing a large logistics cycle, each small cycle system has already worked countless Therefore, it is ensured that the materials in the logistics system can be utilized to the greatest extent. According to the logistics service object, the Guangzhou-Shaanxi freight dedicated line forms a closed loop consisting of supply logistics, production logistics, sales logistics, recycling logistics, and waste flow. It is located in the center of the system. The external conditions to ensure the normal operation of this closed loop include green logistics technology, Logistics environmental impact assessment standards and logistics enterprise review system. 1000
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