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Grocery liner transportation (export) operation process

by:CNS     2021-07-13
General cargo liner transportation (export) operation process 2021-06-20 15:51:52 (1) The consignor (exporter) entrusts the business to fill in the 'Power of Attorney' to the freight forwarder according to the contract or letter of credit, with the commercial invoice and packaging attached. Packing list, commodity inspection, customs declaration and other necessary documents, and entrust freight forwarding agents to book space, commodity inspection, customs declaration, storage and transportation and other matters. (2) The freight forwarder submits the consignment note to the shipping company’s agent (shipping agent) at the loading port according to the shipper’s 'Power of Attorney' for the ocean freight forwarding, accompanied by a 'commercial invoice' and a 'packing listSubmit cargo shipment application directly to the shipping company or its business department, submit the 'consignment note' (B/N), fill in the 'shipment note' (S/0), and go through the booking procedures. (3) The shipping agent issues the shipping order. After the shipping company agrees to accept the carriage, the shipping agent checks the contents of the 'shipment note' and the 'consignment note, Fill in the designated ship’s name and voyage, stamp the shipping company, issue the shipping order, and leave the bottom copy. At the same time, the 'Warehouse Receipt' and 'Loading List' shall be linked to the freight forwarder, and the freight forwarder shall be required to deliver the goods to the designated terminal warehouse in time. (4) The agent of export declaration and freight forwarder shall handle the export declaration, inspection and release formalities with the customs with the 'loading list' and relevant customs declaration documents. The goods will be approved for loading only after the customs stamps the 'release' stamp on the 'loading list' Ship export. (5) The shipping agent and the ship prepare the shipping plan. The shipping agent prepares the 'loading list' according to the 'loading list' and keeps the bottom sheet, and distributes it to the ship, tally company and loading and unloading company. After the chief officer of the ship prepares the cargo stowage plan according to the loading list, the ship is delivered to the tally and the loading and unloading company to load the ship according to this plan. (6) Freight forwarding and delivery Freight forwarding will deliver the goods released by customs to the dock warehouse or shipside designated by the shipping agent for shipment. (7) After the chief mate issues the receipt and the goods are loaded on the ship, the tally person will hand over the shipping order to the chief mate. After the chief mate verifies that it is correct, he will leave the shipping order and issue the 'receipt.' The tally person transfers the 'receipt' issued by the chief mate to the delivery agent (note: the 'receipt' issued by the chief mate of the ship, also known as the chief mate's receipt, M/R). 8) The freight forwarder exchanges the original bill of lading. The freight forwarder takes the 'receipt' to the shipping agent at the port of loading to pay the freight (in the case of prepayment), and exchanges the original 'shipped bill of lading' with the ship agent. After the shipping agent verifies that it is correct, leave the 'receipt note' and issue the onboard bill of lading to the forwarder. (9) The consignor's settlement bill The forwarder returns the original 'onboard bill of lading' to the shipper, and the shipper holds the bill of lading Settlement of foreign exchange and relevant documents to the negotiating bank (under L/C payment) to obtain the payment, and the negotiating bank mails the bill of lading and relevant documents to the issuing bank (buyer). (10) The shipping agent at the loading port and the unloading port ship to the loading port The shipping agent will send the documents required by the unloading port to the shipping agent at the unloading port. 1461
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