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Airbridgecargo And Atran Transport Over A

by:CNS     2020-09-30

Followed affected person identification protocol and handoff procedures; complied with patient HIPAA requirements. Display clear, effective communication between physicians, nurses, technicians, and other medical professionals. Build trauma beds and specialty beds for different departments around the hospital. Transported inpatients and outpatients by bed, stretcher, or wheelchair to scheduled appointments throughout the different departments throughout the hospital.

Maintained applicable protocols in terms of patient confidentiality and HIPPA laws. Demonstrated acceptable use of PPE, and follows HIPPA, OSHA, and the hospital's policies and procedures. Transported laboratory specimens by choosing-up specimens and delivered them to specified laboratory. Transported in all areas including the laboratory division, working division & in-affected person rooms. Assist Environmental Services when needed with cleaning of rooms and getting affected person rooms ready.

Administer proper amounts of oxygen as well as assisting medical personnel with positive strain ventilation efforts. Assist tech staff with testing including, CT scans, MRI's, X-rays and surgical prep. Responded to paged requires CPR help and any help wanted across the hospital. Developed information of different medical terminology in addition to CPR certification. Pick up laboratory specimens and ship them to the desired laboratory as instructed to.

Deliver messages, mail, medical information, lab specimens, and other materials to appropriate areas. Maintain a protected, secure, and healthy environment by following standards and procedures. Maintained a protected, safe, and healthy work setting by following requirements and procedures. Maintained a secure,safe, and wholesome work surroundings by following requirements and procedures.

Maintained a secure and secure environment following hospital procedures, federal/state regulations and JCAHO necessities. Maintain security by following protocols and procedures in compliance with federal and state authorized laws. Delivered lab specimens, medical records, and mail to acceptable clinics and offices.

Maintain secure, secure, and healthy work surroundings by following requirements and procedures, complying with federal and state regulations. Transport Patients through Stretcher, wheel chair, or mattress throughout the hospital also do lab runs. Transported laboratory specimen by selecting up specimen and delivering them to specified laboratory. Maintained enough and appropriate tools or supplies for an effective and efficient distribution operation. Performed administrative and housekeeping duties and communicated day by day stories to nurses based on patient requests.

Perform terminal cleaning of patient rooms and put together for brand spanking new occupant; observe isolation procedures in isolation rooms. Transport inpatients and outpatients to and from patient rooms, diagnostic/therapeutic areas, lobbies, doctor workplaces, etc. Maintain a protected and wholesome work environment by complying with federal and state legal laws & JCAHO requirements.

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