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Transport Wheelchairs Covered Under Medicare

by:CNS     2020-09-18

Comfort patients and their families by providing assist and encouragement; demonstrating caring and cultural sensitivity. Demonstrate caring and cultural sensitivity to sufferers on a daily foundation. Comfort patients and their families by providing help and encouragement, demonstrating caring and cultural sensitivity.

Retrieved Patients records from medical information to take with affected person to their appointments. Delivered medical records to docs' workplaces, hospitals and other free standing facilities.

Transported patients to designated areas per doctor orders while upholding HIPAA and JCAHO standards. Transported deceased patients to the morgue whereas following protocols and being punctual and attentive to procedural schedules. Transport deceased patients by following protocols and delivering them to the mortuary. Designated dispatcher to different transporters as well as coaching new employees in correct procedure and transportation protocols. Followed specific protocols set by the Hospital Administration that helped me to offer a safe, efficient and healthy work setting.

Clean and disinfect equipment similar to wheelchairs and hospital beds/stretchers. Worked with totally different groups within the hospital to keep supplies of wheelchairs and hospital beds at sufficient quantities. Delivered equipment including hospital beds and stretchers to various departments.

Comforted sufferers & their households by offering help & encouragement; being punctual & attentive to procedure schedules. Assisted sufferers in walking, changing, and transferring from mattress to stretcher or wheel chair. Assisted sufferers with stepping into their beds, wheel chairs, and going to the restroom. Ensured every used equipment corresponding to wheel chairs, stretchers, and transport beds had been fully operable.

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