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by:CNS     2020-12-15
2016 - 05 - 06 16:43:00 special box, mainly refers to the special container used for special cargo loading. Mainly divides into: open top container ( OPENTOPCONTAINER) ; Framework container ( FLATRACKCONTAINER) ; Tank container ( TANKCONTAINER) And so on. Open top container, also known as the open top container, it is a rigid box on the top of the container, no other than roof structures are similar to the cargo container. Open the box can be made by the top loading of goods, especially suitable for the machinery and other large cargo. Open top tank equipped with PVC tarpaulin cover and with existing sealing device of the loading frame. Open the door of the box can be removed, easy to pack. Steel open top 20 feet and 40 feet in two specifications. Framework box without box top and sides, its characteristic from the container for loading and unloading side. Framework of main loading container cargo: large machinery and equipment of super-long, extra-wide, ultra-high and the heavier weight of the goods. Steel frame box 20 feet and 40 feet in two specifications. Tank container loading of the goods: the main loading liquid chemicals, such as chemical products; Industrial use of oil, kerosene, fuel oil, gas, General cargo box, they own the SOC box) 。 Special counter offer accurate understanding of shipping market capacity, and the ship company valuation method and the market price. Understand customers' goods parameters ( Had better have pictures) , delivery time and delivery time. Fully estimated the cost of operation difficulty, full accounting is going to produce. Operating characteristics of special special ark itself the carrier ownership is less, the demand of the market is small. Difficult to operate, the link is complex, the whole transport process requires multiple link confirm can undertake. The main need to confirm the container beforehand, price, shipping space. The price difference is very big, does not have the comparability. A lot of shipping company does not provide special service. The value of the goods, special transport are relatively higher commonly. Special operational considerations open box: in advance to confirm the weight of the goods, size, loading and unloading, the owner of housing requirements. Framework box: in advance to confirm the weight of the goods, size, loading and unloading requirements, the shipper demand for housing, land transportation process is feasible and accurate accounting cost.
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