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Heavy load and dry line of railway logistics

by:CNS     2021-07-04
Heavy-duty and dry-line railway logistics 2021-06-20 20:08:28 (1) Heavy-duty transportation is the development direction of railway logistics. In order to adapt to the changes in the freight market, meet the demand for railways in bulk cargo transportation, and improve the competitiveness of the railway transportation market, railways of various countries have carried out heavy-duty transportation in order to adapt to the changes in the freight market. Railway heavy-load transportation refers to the method of expanding train marshalling and increasing the weight of trains under the conditions of advanced railway technology. Compared with several other modes of transportation, railway has the characteristics of large volume and low cost. It is seamlessly connected with the origin of bulk goods or ports through special lines to realize the integration of bulk goods transportation. Overloading is the main product of domestic and international railway freight, and it is also the development trend of railway logistics. my country's Daqin Railway is China's first double-track electrified heavy-haul coal dedicated line. It was opened to traffic at the end of 1992. Since 2004, it has implemented continuous capacity expansion and technological transformation. A large number of 10,000t and 20,000t heavy-duty combined trains have been operated. The volume has increased significantly year by year. In 2008, the transportation volume exceeded 340 million tons in 2008, the transportation volume exceeded 400 million tons in 2010, and the transportation volume reached 440 million tons in 2011. China Railway has stopped producing 60t freight cars in 2006, and fully produced new freight cars with a speed of 120km per hour, an axle load of 23t, and a load of 70t. The new general-purpose freight cars have been upgraded from 60t to 70t. At present, the number of 70t freight cars in the country has exceeded 90,000 vehicles are operated on various railway lines across the country, greatly increasing the transportation capacity. f 120km per hour (axle load 23t, load capacity ⒛t, and train traction marshalling 5000~10000` four major technical indicators are simultaneously integrated, which adapts to the special conditions and requirements of China Railways of 'passenger and freight co-line, efficient turnover, and safety first'. The amount increases year by year). Overloading is the main product of domestic and international railway freight transportation, and it is also one of the development trends of railway logistics: (2) Railway is an important part of my country's comprehensive transportation system, in which the main railway network is the development of the national economy. The aorta and the regional railway network are the branches of the national economic development. Therefore, the main railway transportation capacity is the main capacity of railway logistics, it is an important support of railway logistics, and it is the foundation of railway transportation. Giving full play to the advantages of the main railway line and realizing the three main characteristics of the main railway line (large transportation intensity, long mileage, wide range of convergence and radiation) are the main characteristics of railway transportation superior to other transportation methods.
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