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here\'s why i think pangaea logistics solutions (nasdaq:panl) is an interesting stock

by:CNS     2019-10-28
It seems like a good idea for Beginners (
Exciting prospects)
Buy a company that tells good stories to investors, even if it lacks a record of revenue and profits at all.
In their study, who is the prey of the Wolf of Wall Street? \' Leuz et. al.
It is \"very common\" to find investors losing money by buying a \"Toilet Bowl\" plan \".
In contrast, I prefer to spend time on companies like pan-continental logistics solutions (NASDAQ:PANL)
There is not only income but also profit.
While this does not mean that these stock values are bought at any price, you cannot deny that successful capitalism ultimately requires profit.
On the contrary, a loss
The manufacturing company has not yet proved itself by profit, and the sweet milk of external capital may become sour in the end.
If you think the market is inefficient, then in the long run you will expect the share price of a company to follow its earnings per share (EPS).
This means that most successful long-term investors see EPS growth as a real positive factor. term investors.
As far as I am concerned, I am shocked by the EPS that the pan-continental logistics solution has grown by 42% annually over the past three years.
Such rapid growth is likely to be short-lived, but like a lotus flower blooming from a dark pond, it brings joy to the cautious stock picker.
I like to watch top-
As a sign of sustainable growth, I look for high returns before interest and taxes (EBIT)
Margin to the competitive moat (
Although some companies with low margins also have moat).
Pangu logistics solutions had flat revenue and profits last year.
It\'s not bad, but it doesn\'t point to sustained growth in the future.
You can see the company\'s revenue and revenue growth trends in the chart below.
You can see the exact number by clicking on the chart.
Your eyes are not driving behind-
View mirror, so you may be more interested in this free report, which shows analyst forecasts for future profits of Pangu logistics solutions.
Like the fresh smell in the rain time and space, the insider purchase filled me with optimistic expectations.
This view is based on the possibility that stock purchases send an optimistic signal on behalf of the buyer.
Small purchases, however, are not always a symbol of a firm belief, nor are insiders always correct.
Over the past year, we have not seen any insiders sell shares in the pan boat logistics solution.
So Gianni DelSignore, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary, must have bought $9.
9k per share for an average price of about $3. 30.
In addition to internal acquisitions, we can also see that Pangu logistics solutions insiders own a large stake in the company.
In fact, they have a 46% stake, which makes insiders a very influential shareholder group.
I feel at ease with this coordination, because it shows that the business will operate for the benefit of shareholders.
In terms of absolute value, insiders have invested $71 using the current share price.
Nothing to sneeze!
The earnings per share of Pangu logistics solutions have taken off like a rocket aimed at the moon.
It should be hard for growth investors to see strong earnings per share.
In fact, this could be a sign that the business is at an inflection point.
This situation has certainly aroused my interest to me.
Of course, just because the pan-continental logistics solution is growing doesn\'t mean it\'s undervalued.
If you want to know the valuation, look at the measure of this price. to-
Revenue ratio compared to industry.
There are a lot of insiders from other companies buying stocks.
So, if you like the voice of pan-continental logistics solutions, you might like this free list of growth companies that insiders are buying.
Please note that the insider trading discussed in this article refers to the report-able trading in the relevant jurisdiction
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It does not constitute a suggestion to buy or sell any stock, nor does it take into account your goals or your financial position.
Simply put, Wall Street has no position in the above shares.
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