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Highway less-than-one carload checked

by:CNS     2020-05-28
( 1) Deal with less-than-one carload transport, fill out the vehicle less-than-one carload transport by shipping waybill & throughout; 。 Waybill fill in must be legible. The shipper of goods for voluntary insurance on a car risk of carriage of goods, transport, should be indicated in the waybill. Contributing information to the shipper, after the carrier agreed to bear the signature to take effect. ( 2) Breakbulk cargo packing must comply with the provisions of the state and the transportation department and requirements. Does not meet the packing standards and requirements of the goods, should be to improve the packaging from the shipper. To not cause pollution and damage of goods transport equipment and other goods, such as the shipper insist on the original packaging, the shipper shall in special items & throughout; Column indicate the borne by which may cause damage. ( 3) Shipping dangerous goods, the packaging should strictly abide by the road of dangerous goods transport rules issued by the ministry of transportation; According to the retainer agreement both sides for easy to pollution, easy to damage, easy to rot and fresh goods, the packaging must strictly abide by the provisions of the agreement. ( 4) Regular LCL shipment shall not be entrained in danger, embargo, restrictions and valuables. ( 5) Checked government decree embargo, limit and other remains or of public security, health and quarantine proved breakbulk cargo, the shipper should submit relevant certificates at the same time. ( 6) Shipper, the shipper should be on both ends of each package respectively to unified regulation for transport of goods of the number of the labels. Need special handling, stacking, storage of goods, the goods should be clearly labeled with storage instructions, and in the waybill special column indicate.
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