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how a shipping container could be your next apartment

by:CNS     2019-10-23
Even in the happiest country on Earth, it is difficult for students to find housing that meets their budget.
Now, an architect and his team believe that they have found a simple solution for young residents in Copenhagen, Denmark: a village of bicycle containers.
\"In Denmark, 20,000 student families are missing,\" Michael Plesner, co-founder and partner of CPH Containers, told TakePart.
\"If the scale is expanded, the container village can actually help reduce the price of the city\'s general housing market, which will benefit everyone.
According to McKinsey, an international business consultancy, there are about 0. 33 billion urban households in the world facing housing insecurity.
Rents are surging in dozens of cities, and many are forced to cut necessities such as health care as they pay high prices for substandard housing.
By 2025, it would cost $9 trillion to $11 trillion to replace all under-represented housing.
But if there\'s a cheaper solution, it\'s ecological. friendly too?
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Millions of containers passed through the United States.
Every year, there are port cities in the United States, from children\'s toys to auto parts.
The box is made of steel or aluminum and is durable and designed to be mobile and modular. A new 8-by-20-
The Foot model costs about $2,000; a 40-foot-
The long version is about $3,500, and the used model is generally around $1,000, up.
There are about 1,000 unused containers available for purchase in the United StatesS.
According to Barry nave, director of the Intermodal Steel construction unit and container housing association, this is the only one.
The re-use of containers for housing needs to be like a normal housing unit, cutting off windows and establishing appropriate waste, energy and water systems.
Still, Naef told TakePart, \"whether you build a house in California or Texas, using container modules is 20 to 30% cheaper than traditional materials \".
Although the idea of living in a steel box is not attractive to everyone, the ecology
Conscious architects and designers are embracing the idea. Netherlands-
Tempohousing-based construction companies have been using containers to create livable units for more than 10 years.
To address the lack of student housing in Diemen, a small town bordering Amsterdam, the company built a fivestory dorm.
In Denmark, architects have designed a housing center for patients with mental health problems who cannot live through a regular system.
The project is reportedly expanding into the Netherlands.
The company is creating its first portable container village in Denmark.
Architects hope to be able to use uninhabited land in Copenhagen for students who are struggling to find an affordable accommodation.
These little houses are owned-
Recycling materials and operating in an ecological environment
Friendly Energy and Waterwaste systems.
The company is working with the city to amend zoning laws to allow this housing space and to obtain a building permit.
But even if the potential of container shipping has been proven, container shipping remains a tricky issue for local governments, especially in the United States. S.
Although cities across the country are facing a shortage of affordable housing
Partly because of the homeless crisis-
Many obstacles have hindered the road to build container houses. The U. S.
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development requires a unit to be at least 40 feet in length to meet the standard of living, although urban institutions are able to modify the rules.
Anya Bartay, president of building management company StudioX9, told TakePart that \"Houston and Dallas are more advanced in code . \".
\"Those who do the container case don\'t need to cover everything up.
Bartay and her team are now working on a single.
Container family home in San Antonio.
The house built through the project, known as the Noah project, takes about three months to complete and costs about $50,000.
\"As people leave the apartment to enter the home, the container will be necessary,\" Bartay said . \".
\"You see these stories in New York and people get apartments that are only 200 square feet,\" Naef said . \".
\"I don\'t think anyone who needs a place to live will complain if there is a welldone container.
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