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How air cargo has the characteristics of the On)

by:CNS     2020-07-19
How air cargo has the characteristics of the On) With the development of air cargo business, air freight arises at the historic moment. In the form of air cargo import and export goods, before export goods delivery airlines need to handle export cargo booking, warehousing, order, customs clearance, delivery, etc. Certain formalities. Airlines import goods at the destination airport or airport pick-up, regulation storage, billing, customs clearance, delivery and transshipment. Airlines usually are not responsible for the business. Therefore, the consignee and consignor must pass through air freight company to handle the air cargo business, or to the airlines deal with air cargo business. Air freight company work is an integral part of the whole air transport, its service function for the shipper and airline has brought convenience and benefits. As China's foreign trade increased significantly in recent years, air cargo agent enterprises have been developing rapidly. As the bridge and the link between the shipper and airline, air cargo companies usually has two functions. To the shipper provide service functions: not to give airlines or extract the goods consignment. Airlines agent functions: some forwarding agent also accept goods rather than the airlines, and issue a total airline waybill and waybill. Air freight company mostly familiar with air transport links and related regulations, and with the airlines, airports, customs, commodity inspection, sanitary inspection, animal and plant inspection and transportation departments have extensive and close contact. All kinds of facilities and prerequisites. At the same time, all the air freight company in the world may have a branch or agency network, able to timely contact to master the whole process of cargo transportation. Therefore, appoint a air freight company to handle the import and export cargo transportation is convenient. The characteristics of the air cargo since the plane was born, the rapid development of air cargo has its own unique advantages. Compared with other modes of transportation, air cargo has distinct characteristics. Delivery speed is fast. Due to air freight transport is used in the aircraft, the aircraft flight speed of about 600 to 800 kilometers per hour, this is much faster than other transportation way. The train is about 100 to 140 kilometers per hour. The car in 120 km to 140 km highway, speed slower. The characteristics of air cargo is suitable for the need of some special goods, such as the seafood such as fresh and live animals and decay of the goods. Due to the nature of the goods itself, this type of goods has a particularly high time requirements, and only by air; In modern society, the enterprise needs to make sensitive response to market changes in a timely manner. Enterprise should not only consider the cost of production, but also consider the time cost cost, the important factors such as order listed products and timely clothing production. Higher profits and so on all need air transport support.
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