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How animals in air cargo transportation?

by:CNS     2020-07-23
How animals in air cargo transportation? Every year, hundreds of thousands of animals were flown to all over the world to compete, breeding, feeding and even genocide. As more and more activities become regulars, air freight now more than ever pay more attention to the safety of live animals. Last year, the international air transport association ( IATA) Air freight last year launched a so-called CEIV animals certification program, aviation company adopted a new animal transport strategy, in order to ensure that they are in the process of transportation safety and comfort. To protect animal rights at the time of animal protection is becoming more and more attention, how to through their own efforts to provide substantial help for animal protection, has become the primary concern of air freight. In June, Luxembourg cargo airlines similar but unusual tasks, two white whale from China to Iceland. The two white whale transport is very complicated, involving air, land and sea. They & other; Sat & throughout; Their custom stretcher, stretcher out of crane aquarium, specially designed and carefully on the container. The care team to monitor the two white whales, Luxembourg cargo airlines engineers also take this opportunity to handle the business related to the container. And care team to deal with the water supply system. When it comes to the complexity of this transport, accompanied by the Belgian cargo airlines engineers on the ground, said Michael Wellsdonk & other; These animals themselves to transport without any problems, but the water in the cistern is very big, in order to avoid the water any influence on flight safety. We must make a special plan, in order to prevent container water, at the same time avoid the sprinkler. ” An advocate of animal welfare, Luxembourg freight company taking more and more measures to improve air freight transportation experience and environmental awareness. Free shipping of the white whale project is the first of the similar projects. Luxembourg cargo airlines has signed a wildlife conservation union transportation working group of the declaration of Buckingham Palace, in order to crack down on illegal trafficking of animals. Like Luxembourg and Turkish airlines cargo airlines, tam air freight company recently took 5 wild cats from Argentina - San Diego Del esther luo shipped to Johannesburg, South Africa's reserve. These animals first lived in an abandoned in the zoo, the local authorities to arrange migrating the rescue work and provides the necessary permits. “ In the process of planning and actual operation, we fully comply with IATA and tam airlines on live animals transportation bottleneck in the highest safety standards. In addition, we also regularly to supply water to the water the animals, and take all measures to reduce its exposure to high temperature and noise in the environment. This is particularly difficult to realize in the freight warehouse and cargo. ” La tam air transport operations manager esteban & middot; Bo carney said in a media statement.
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