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How fresh goods by rail?

by:CNS     2020-05-23
Railway less-than-one carload fresh goods of refrigeration, heat preservation, heating, ventilation, transportation, because the category of fresh goods is various, using the mode of transportation, choose different vehicles, and fittings of less-than-one carload fresh goods is very difficult, goods gathering time is long, is not conducive to speed up the goods arrived, and LCL car without the supercargo, unfavorable to keeping the quality of the goods. But when using general van short-distance transport, the railway bureau ( The head office) According to the specific situation of the tube, tube less-than-one carload transport, set up some fresh goods across railway bureau ( The head office) Or when transported across the board, can only be shipped to a station zero car directly to the station or two standing the whole zero shipped to the first station and unloading shall be dealt with. The station whether qualified organization fresh less-than-one carload transport of goods, organize a stand the whole car or two whole zero zero, need specific to contact the shipper and decision. In general, is difficult to deal with. It must be noted that: shall be dealt with in accordance with less-than-one carload of fresh goods, is the special conditions of transportation of goods, reduce for transportation on the general terms and conditions, is only an expedient measure. The shipper must ensure that allow the transport of less-than-one carload made in fresh goods within the time limit does not decay, deterioration or death.
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