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How the freight and the electronic information of the world

by:CNS     2020-07-11
How freight with the electronic information technology of the world in Shanghai air company you can put the international shipping companies like travel. So if you are a group of scooters from China shipping, shipping agent will ensure that these scooters scooter riders were picked up in the factory, a port, a ship. Then, freight forwarders will ensure scooters go by a truck to another warehouse. This is a lot of work. Peterson didn't know a lot about freight forwarder at this point, but he thought that there must be a better way. International air freight that can create a new company, a software used for freight forwarders do some work. But he wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in, so he decided to test it. Set up a model of a web site advertising services, and see what reaction. One day, he checks his E-mail, see he has from the world's largest oil company, Saudi Arabia's state oil company registration. Shanghai airlines cargo is not ready to provide the services for real, but, he says, he could tell he had found a real problem. Freight forwarders have been trapped in this era of faxes and phone calls. So he and everything in the next few years, he can to freight forwarders. Then he has some money from some big names, including Google ventures, he launched his company.
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