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How the global airline industry development trend

by:CNS     2020-08-17
How the global airline industry development trend. In January, according to chief financial officer for airlines and air cargo, quarterly survey, head of the international air transport association released on February 25, forecasts, rising costs could weaken the industry's profitability in 2019, but prices are falling, the economy is good for your health. Growth to ease the pressure. Therefore, IATA for aviation industry for at least a year to create stable returns for investors cautiously optimistic. In the economic and political environment, however, there are still unstable factors, and the industry's profit forecast there are downside risks. Demand growth is iata is cautiously optimistic about the primary factor. Air transport company survey, global air passenger demand increase in January. 70% of respondents said year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2018 the passenger traffic volume, 5% higher than in October 2018 investigation, slightly higher than the average of the past five years, 67%) 。 Based on this, respondents to the passenger demand growth optimists. 85% of respondents said passenger traffic will grow over the next 12 months, 14% of respondents said passenger demand to fall or remain the same. Cargo demand growth trend. In the survey, 76% of respondents said the global aviation freight volume. Realized the year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2018, it is the highest level since January 2011. 64% of respondents expected shipments will continue to grow over the next 12 months, 24% of respondents said cargo demand will remain the same. Although freight outlook, industry, trade tensions still pose a downside risk to industry growth. Under the background of demand growth, the industry is the industry revenue growth optimists. According to the survey, 37% of respondents said the passenger revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 is higher than the same period, and is expected to passenger revenue growth next year to 33% of the respondents. 36% of respondents said the freight revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 than the same period. Although this ratio below the level of the third quarter ( 60%) , but still higher than the average level in 5 years, 25%) 。 More than half ( 56%) Of the respondents said the freight revenue over the next 12 months will remain the same, is expected to freight revenue growth to 20% of the respondents. Even so, the cost increase will bring pressure to aviation transportation industry. According to the survey, 62% of respondents said the fourth quarter of 2018 unit costs rose, below October survey ( 73%) 。 In the next 12 months, 31% of respondents said they would reduce input costs, while 48% of respondents said input costs will continue to rise.
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