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How to coordinate the development of international logistics

by:CNS     2021-07-14
How to coordinate the development of international logistics 2021-03-02 17:21 International logistics, how, synergy, development, international logistics, how, how to coordinate the development of international logistics e-commerce with the theme of 'ecology, economy, and social e-commerce logistics coordinated development' The lecture was opened in the lecture hall. This lecture brought together e-commerce research experts and e-commerce enterprise leaders to discuss the topic of the coordinated development of cross-border e-commerce and international logistics. At the same time, the fourth batch of e-commerce demonstration bases and enterprises in our city were awarded licenses. Sun Jian, vice president of Gome Internet Ecology (Sharing) Technology Company, believes that e-commerce has shown characteristics different from traditional commerce from the first day of its birth. 'The cost of e-commerce does not lie in rent and labor, but is shifted to logistics costs.' Sun Jian said that more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to logistics experience, so e-commerce companies want to make new breakthroughs in the new retail field. To harvest, we must pay attention to logistics. 'From now on to the next five to eight years, when China's business model is undergoing the most drastic changes, the entire shopping model and service process are undergoing great changes. In this process, the logistics industry must keep up with the changes. , Coordinated development.” Sun Jian said that in recent years, cross-border e-commerce policies have continuously released dividends, which have also led to tremendous changes in export logistics. Xi Haitao, general manager of China Post's Henan International Express Branch, said that in terms of export logistics, almost all of them were large-scale trade in the past. Ships and containers and vehicles were transported, but now it has become fragmented, disrupting the transportation of small items.
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