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How to ensure the goods safe and accurate effective to reach its destination

by:CNS     2020-08-05
How to guarantee the safety of the goods and accurate effective naval and air express delivery destination unlike Marine bill of lading, airway bill not only prove the existence of the air transport contract, and itself is the consignor of the bills of lading with the conclusion of the contract of carriage of goods between air transport carrier, effect after the two sides signed, and the arrival of the goods delivered to the destination of the waybill on the records of the consignee after failure. Is the goods receipt of the bills of lading, the shipper will be after shipment, the carrier or its agent will be the one to the shipper ( The shipper) As proof of the has been receiving the goods. Receive the goods unless otherwise noted, it is the carrier and the proof of the shipment in good condition. Respectively records that belong to the consignee the expenses of the bills of lading, international air freight belong to should be paid to the carrier fee and expenses should be paid to the agent, and stating the charge the type, amount, thus can be used as the freight bill and invoice. The carrier often will also be one of the carrier as a proof of charge to an account. When the export air freight bill of lading is one of the declaration documents. For import customs clearance at the airport after the arrival of the goods at the destination is usually of the bills of lading is the basic documents of the customs. Air freight bill of lading with the goods, to prove the identity of the goods. Shanghai air freight company carrying on the waybill of the goods sent, transport and delivery of the item, the carrier will make corresponding arrangements to the carriage of the goods accordingly. The original of the bills of lading in triplicate, each printed with the clause on the back, one of the shipper, is the basis of the carrier or its agent to receive the goods; A second retained by the carrier, as the proof of charge to an account; Finally a along with the goods, and after the arrival of the goods at the destination as the basis of acceptance check the goods when delivered to the consignee. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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