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How to get rid of air transportation industry talent shortage of professional skills

by:CNS     2020-07-18
How to get rid of professional skills, lack of the plight of the air transportation industry with the deepening of the reform and opening up in China and the increasing of international trade, our country's international air cargo transport business is growing rapidly, and so on Chinese civil aviation also need some air freight primary skilled personnel, and secondary vocational school is the strong backing to fill this vacancy. Currently on the market for air cargo shipment is convenient for many people. Air freight cargo weight and volume: 1. The weight of the goods according to the gross weight, the unit is kg, less than a kilogram of round 2. The valuables according to the actual gross weight, the weight of the unit of measurement is 0. 1 kg of 3. Light bubble goods per 6000 cubic centimeters is equivalent to a 4 kg calculation. A wide-bodied aircraft carrier of the goods, volume per piece not more than 40 * 60 * 100 cm, 250 kg weight is generally not more than 5. Every large overweight goods, should be reported to the tuned, agree to undertake the shipment air cargo to obtain is in the air between the carrier and the consumer of a service exchange activities. Air transport as a new transport category, now more than hundred years of history, the product of the production process in the process of circulation, product shape is the displacement of the transportation of objects in space, through the air transport users buy complete its product attributes. Air transport can be divided into domestic transportation and international transportation, aviation passenger transport, baggage and cargo transport and other categories.
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