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How to load and unload handling machinery

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The operation method of loading and unloading and handling machinery 2021-06-20 17:27:431. The 'lifting up and down' method uses various hoisting machinery to lift from the upper part of the goods, relying on the vertical movement of the lifting device to achieve loading and unloading, and within the scope of the crane operation Or realize the transportation within the range of rotation and rely on the transportation vehicle to achieve small transportation. Since lifting and lowering are vertical movements, this kind of loading and unloading belongs to vertical loading and unloading. 2. 'Fork up and fork down' method Guangzhou Logistics uses forklifts to lift the goods from the bottom of the goods, and rely on the movement of the forklift to carry out the displacement of the goods. The transportation is completely dependent on the forklift itself, and the goods can be placed directly to the destination without landing in the middle. In this way, the vertical movement is not large but mainly horizontal movement. Therefore, this kind of loading and unloading belongs to horizontal loading and unloading. 3. The 'roll up and roll down' method mainly refers to a horizontal loading and unloading method for port loading and unloading. Use a forklift, semi-trailer, or car to carry the goods, and drive on board the ship together with the vehicle, and then drive off the ship after reaching the destination, which is called the 'roll up and roll down' method. Using the roll-up and roll-off method of the forklift, after unloading the cargo on the ship, the forklift must be discharged from the ship; the semi-trailer, flat car or car is used for the semi-trailer, then the trailer first drags the semi-trailer, flat car to the ship, and the trailer is driven off and off the ship. The cargo vehicle is delivered to the destination together with the cargo, and then the original vehicle is driven off or the trailer is on the ship to tow the semi-trailer, and the flat vehicle is driven off. The roll-up and roll-off method requires a special ship, and there are also different requirements for the wharf. This special ship is called a 'ro-ro ship'. 4. The 'moving up and down' method refers to docking between two vehicles (such as trains and cars), and then using various methods to move the goods from one vehicle to another without moving the goods vertically. On the vehicle, it is called the 'moving up and down' method. The moving up and down mode requires the two vehicles to be docked horizontally. Therefore, the platform or the vehicle cargo platform needs to be changed, and this loading and unloading can be realized by cooperating with the moving tools. 5. 'Bulk unloading' method refers to the loading and unloading of bulk materials. Generally, the goods are transported directly from the loading point to the unloading point, and the middle is no longer on the ground. This is a loading and unloading method that integrates loading, unloading and handling. This kind of loading and unloading often uses some special loading and unloading equipment, such as belt conveyors, pneumatic conveying devices, screw conveyors and bucket elevators, etc., using the principles of machinery and pneumatics to work on bulk cargo such as coal, grain, fertilizer, and cement. . In addition, loading and unloading can be divided into conveyor belt loading and unloading, crane loading and unloading, forklift loading and unloading, various loaders loading and unloading according to loading and unloading machinery.
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