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How to operate hazardous materials and chemical products by sea freight?

by:CNS     2020-04-23
How to operate hazardous materials and chemical products by sea freight? A booking before booking, need 10 working days in advance to the following file fax or Mail forwarding company: 1, shipping books; 2, dangerous goods packaging use single appraisal result; The entry and exit goods packaging performance test results form; 3, packing of dangerous goods specifications; 4、材料安全数据表( MSDS) Note 1: the book stating in both Chinese and English name and chemical formula, box, the level of dangerous goods ( 类没有。 ) , the United Nations dangerous goods code ( UN NO. ) , goods packaging, as well as special requirements, convenient to apply for shipping space and dangerous goods declaration; Note 2: non-dangerous goods: chemical research institute ( Cargo transportation and grant) And identified as non-dangerous goods. : hazardous chemical industry research institute do grant the cargo transportation conditions, determine the risk; Note 3: non-dangerous goods in accordance with the requirements of the shipping company in need to offer the latent guarantee; Note 4: when it comes to transport, need to confirm the transit port if there is a limit to the ship company. 2, 7 working days in advance to provide the goods declaration data provided the original declaration of related information: 1, the dangerous goods packaging using single appraisal results, note: different name should be one to one correspondence; 2, the packaging of dangerous goods specifications; 3, copy of dock receipt note 1: according to the above documents, and in accordance with the correct data of the box until the maritime safety administration, commodity, cargo declaration, then according to the cargo declaration and packing certificate to send the boat return shipping company. Note 2: issued by the maritime safety administration: 1, a declaration of maritime bureau purpose; 2 and 3 copies issued by the original goods declaration; A maritime bureau purpose; A forwarder purpose; A boat returns; Three, warehouse 1, returned to the two cases of declaration to the warehouse, The team) Arrange the packing. 2, dangerous goods packaging evaluation results of single copy ( Enter the port) Build official seal to the warehouse, The team) Packing certificate, arranged into Hong Kong 3, warehouse, application of ship ( The ship generation to complete) 1, a copy of the original cargo declaration form to the ship generation ( Declaration on customs number, case number, net weight, titles) ( According to the shipping deadline to declare, in advance 2 ~ 3 working RiJie) 2, warehouse packing certificate photocopy of five, provide customs clearance documents 3 days in advance submit the original export declaration related information: 1, invoice; 2, packing list; 3, customs declaration orders; 4, export customs declaration; 5, cargo fact sheet ( People need to be written to introduce the goods delivery purposes, and has the characteristics of and molecular structural formula, etc. ) ; Note 1: according to the above documents, and according to the cargo declaration, such as box titles for customs clearance. Note 2: for the time being to handle import and export, in addition to the above documents should also provide information about temporary import and export of goods, if there is any deposit receipt should be provided, too. Six, packing into port to determine the dangerous goods to the boat straight. Due to the dangerous goods is the boat straight, so usually pack in front of the boat. Packing in two ways: 1, the owner of the goods to delivery to dangerous goods warehouse, the shipper needs to open the door in the ship the goods within 3 days prior to the forwarder company specified in the dangerous goods warehouse; Packing and 2, to the factory, the owner should be ready for the goods in advance, after the packing of goods, must around the perimeter of the container with big risk, if the loading of the goods once xie will on Marine pollution caused by the leakage, needs to be labeled as markers of Marine pollution, at the same time photo evidence; Note 1: dangerous goods within the trailer or must use has the qualifications of the transport of dangerous goods/packing team or warehouse, to calculate the fees according to the level. Note 2: the goods declaration deadline for 48 ~ 72 hours before sailing, so must submit box before this time. Note 3: as of goods declaration to provide a case titles at the same time, so must submit box before this time.
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